A lot can happen in a matter of a few years. Let’s take a trip down #pfthrowbackthursday, shall we?

Holly and I started Club Thrifty back in 2012. The website was a way to hold ourselves accountable for our financial decisions and to share with others what we had learned about money through the numerous mistakes that we had made. Since the moment we started the blog, it had always been our dream to be able to pursue it as a full-time career. Of course, it seemed like a pipe dream at the time, but nevertheless, we kept putting the effort into it every single day.

Some time later, we were offered the opportunity to participate in a nifty little e-book called 21 Days to Healthier Finances. If you know us, you know that our philosophy is generally to say yes to most opportunities, then find a way to make it happen. There was no financial incentive for us, but it was a good chance for some exposure. So, Holly used the content of one of our most popular pieces – The 5 Financial Habits that Changed My Life – as the basis for the first chapter in the book.

When you say yes to opportunities, things can move forward quickly. Eventually, all of our “yeses” started to add up, and our lives began to change at a rapid pace. In fact, since then, almost everything has changed.

Becoming a Freelancer

Shortly after writing that chapter, Holly was able to quit her 9-5 job at the funeral home an pursue a career as a freelance writer. She was quickly able to replace and then double the amount of income that she made. Of course, we were extremely happy with how well she was doing. Holly kept her nose to the grindstone, working her tail off every day trying to make sure she never had to go back to an office job ever again.

In the meantime, I had a bit of a career crisis. Deciding that I no longer wanted to work in the funeral business, I quit my job  (and basically the blog) to pursue a job in insurance sales. Long story short, it wasn’t what I was expecting and I quickly found myself back in the funeral business. After a painful family move, things finally settled down, and we realized that we ended up right where we wanted to be.

Realizing the Dream

Through it all, we kept our focus and stuck to our financial principles. Little did we know that our dedication was about to really pay off. Roughly a year after the move, Holly’s career hit what Malcolm Gladwell calls a “Tipping Point.” The offers (and the money) began flooding in. She doubled her income (again) but was starting to feel the stress and pay the price from all of the hours. Her work schedule became unmanageable, and it became clear that she was not going to be able to continue at this pace. We had to re-examine what we really wanted out of life.

We were so focused on the day-to-day tasks that we needed to accomplish that we almost couldn’t recognize what had happened. When we finally took a step back, it became clear that we had achieved our dream. After a lot of discussion and soul-searching, I decided to quit my job (again) so that we could put all our energy into our own home-based businesses.

We had made it. We had achieved our dream, and it never would have been possible if we hadn’t gotten our finances in order.

21 Days to Healthier Finances

Living your dream life is possible. But it takes hard work, dedication, and a plan. That is what 21 Days to Healthier Finances is all about. Written by 21 of our favorite personal finance bloggers, each “day” provides you with steps to help you achieve a more financial stable life. You can check out your free copy here.

Over the past few weeks, several of the book’s authors are going to be updating their advice and situations throughout July. Check them out here or by following the hashtag #pfthrowbackthursday!

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