VIP Club Roundup – 17th Edition


VIP Club Roundup


Word up, peeps! Welcome back to Club Thrifty’s VIP Club Roundup! Thanks for visiting, and be sure to subscribe to our blog before you head out.


We have had an exciting and busy couple of weeks here at Club Thrifty. Holly posted her regular staff post at Get Rich Slowly entitled “Knowing when to be a squeaky wheel,” and it got picked up by Lifehacker. She also did an interview with Average Joe on the “Two Guys and Your Money Podcast.” You can check out the interview by clicking on the image below. Holly’s portion starts at about the 8:30 mark, but we really encourage you to listen to the whole show because it is SUPER!


Two Guys & Your Money Podcast


Here are some of our other posts that you really can’t miss!




Best Search Terms

Here are some of our favorite search terms from the last week:


  • club thrifty horrific (Thanks for the compliment!)
  • watching sports numbs mind (Sunday is gonna be positively catatonic then.)
  • am i crazy for wanting to rehab real estate
  • my wife doesn’t like the gifts i get her (I feel your pain.)
  • selling my ass on craigslist (So many questions. So little time.)
  • pin ups atlanta “vip club”
  • cheap ass fat men clothes



What Holly is Obsessed With This Week?

We’ve officially gone into vacation mode. We have hit the wall at work, and all we can think about is our upcoming vacation to the Dominican Republic in less than 2 weeks. Here is a sneak peek at where we are going, suckas!


VIP Club Roundup



Top 5 Posts

Here are 5 of our favorite posts from the last couple of weeks:


…and here are two more for fun…




Thanks again for all of the mentions and the support! We’ll be back next week with more of the personal finance awesome sauce. Until then, keep hitting us up on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest…and go pick up your VIP Club badge! Peace out!



About Greg

Greg Johnson is a proud husband, father, and debt crusader who is in the process of becoming debt free. He is the co-founder of the personal finance website Club Thrifty, where he brings the awesome sauce each and every day.


  1. You guys really know how to pick your guest posts! Those are some pretty great sites to network with.

    I’m very jealous for your Dominican Republic trip. It’s going to be outstanding!

  2. Hey, thanks for the mention, guys, and glad you enjoyed the post! Ok, I’m green with envy over your trip to the DR, as I sit here writing with -8 degrees weather outside of my window. Rick and I are talking more and more frequently about buying a little place down south once we say “SEEya” to the last of our debt. Enjoy your vacation, knowing that many of us are living vicariously through you while you’re there. :-)

  3. With the -30 degree wind chills all I can think about is my cruise coming up in ONE WEEK! Can’t wait. Have a great weekend!

  4. I ma officially jealous! :) Maybe that has something to do with the a$$ cold weather we have right now. :) You guys are going to have a blast!

  5. Have a great vacation …. and I’m jealous as well. I need to get away from this cold, just for a bit! Cheers

  6. That is awesome that you are going to the Dominican Republic! I have a buddy whose wife is from there and they love it.

  7. Well, enjoy your vacation. It should be pretty awesome. Thanks for the mention and congrats on the awesome guest posts and interviews. You guys are rockin it!

  8. super jealous we need a vacation BAD, hope you enjoy it!!

  9. Wow sounds like you guys are all over! I’m sooo jealous of your vacation also.

  10. Thanks for the inclusion.
    I love DR. My business partner just got back from there, he had fun. I’m enjoying warmer temperatures in Vegas, not as warm as DR, but I’ll take it. Have fun!!

  11. Thanks for the mention. Dominican Republic? But won’t you miss the cold? I would!

  12. Ah that looks so relaxing! Congrats on such a successful week!

  13. Ok, am a teensy bit jealous of your upcoming vacation! Looks gorgeous!! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Can’t wait to hear about the D.R. I’ve heard good things. Honored to be included in your roundup.

  15. You are going to have a wicked time – can’t wait to see the pictures :) !!! Have a great weekend guys

  16. You got me so jealous right now. I’ll be lucky to take a long weekend for a vacation this year, unless I happen to make it to FINCON 13. Have a good trips guys.

  17. How exciting and what a great way to enjoy the rewards of credit card churning. Have fun.

  18. Great work getting picked up by Lifehacker, i bet that funneled a few readers your way.

  19. I have vacationitis too…. we are leaving for the Domincan Republic on Friday AM. We have been there before… it is beautiful and SUNNY ! Have fun.


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