The VIP Club – Weekly Roundup 5th Edition


The VIP Club


Just like your favorite TV shows, your favorite weekly roundup is back from hiatus! Welcome back to The VIP Club! We are back from vacation and into the full swing of things again. We’ve got a ton of stuff to get to this week. First, in case you missed it, here are our stories from this week:



Now that you’ve read all of our awesome posts for the week, we’d like to give a huge shout out to Get Rich Slowly for publishing Holly’s guest post “Dodging Financial Bullets: A Tribute to My Ex.” We also got another really fun mention by the official Game of Thrones Twitter Paper. How cool is that?

So, let’s get on to some good stuff. How about some fun search terms from the last couple of weeks? Away we go…

Search Terms

Here are some of the funniest search terms people used to land on our site recently.


zeiss cp.2 set for sale (really? not here though…)

the budget of a mortician

i made a big mistake my first semester of college, but it taught me a lesson (Are you registered at Babies R’ Us?)


bad married

greg is a thrifty fellow and his savings are

just bought a car in finance and i regret it what can i do? (cry…and try to sell it)

url shortener (I didn’t realize we’d suddenly become bitly)



Favorite Posts

Here are a few of our favorite posts this week. We hope you enjoy them as well!


Michelle at See Debt Run tells us about how love can sometimes make us irrational in her story The Surprisingly Dangerous Life of a Suburban Housewife and Mother.

Along similar lines, Jason at Frugal Habits encourages us not to neglect what is truly important in life.

Mo Money Mo Houses always makes us smile, and she did it again with Haters Gonna Hate: Dealing with Cyberbullying and Other Negativity from Interwebs.

Jeffery Trull guest posts at Careful Cents and gives us 4 Tips for An Easier Transition to Full-Time Freelancer.

Average Joe took his wife out for her birthday, but the Other Guy wrote one of our favorite posts of the week, entitled A Two Letter Key to Financial Success.

Modest Money discusses Catering Your Blog to Your Readership.

iheartbudgets explains How the Latte Factor Works in Real Life.

Lauren at L Bee and the Money Tree got me all worked up with The Great Gift Cards Debate.

The POP’s ask How Much Does Your Family Know About Your Money?

Jason at Work Save Live explains that the average rate of return isn’t what you really earn on your investments.

Canadian Budget Binder dishes some Straight Talk About Fees and Penalties on Mutual Funds.

Young Adult Money writes about how no job is safe.

Our friend Daisy from …Add Vodka writes a staff post at Prarie Eco-Thrifter on how to beat lifestyle inflation.



So, that is it for this week’s roundup! In addition to everybody who shares our stories on their websites, we’d also like to say thank you to everybody who connects with us via Twitter and Facebook. If you haven’t done so yet, please click on the links above to find us there. While you’re at it, subscribe to our RSS Feed as well. Thanks again for all of your support! It is very appreciated!


  1. says

    Happy Friday Greg! I always love to add in some ‘funny’ key word searches as it’s intersting to see how people make it to the blog. Like you I’m always baffled as to why some key words bring some but hey, who’s complaining, right? Cheers for the mention. Mr.CBB

    • Francesca says

      hoy,if you need rabbit huhctes, try using wooden pallets from behind the grocery store. get 6 pallets for the sides and bottom. pull some of the planks off to fill in the blank spaces where the rabbits would squirm through. get some piano hinge for the top and Wa LaPallets are usually made from a very sturdy wood so they will hold up for a good. I cant find that book So you have a dead animal written by Steven Edholm & Tamara Wilde is it out of print? I have quail so .I was trying to find a humane way to DO them. I was just going to give them vicadin and vodka and hope they slip into a peacefull coma.

  2. says

    “bad married” lol, who searches for something like that? hahahaha. Well, I’m glad I was mentioned again, even if it is just for including your awesome post :) Wow! That’s really cool that you got mentioned by GoT paper, I love that show!

    • says

      No, we haven’t dropped them. We just hadn’t had time to do them in the last few weeks. I think we might make a few changes to them – possibly doing them on a different day and maybe every two weeks or so. Still trying to bat that around a little.

  3. says

    Thanks for including my post! I’m so glad you listed me first, because I know what goes on in *some* VIP clubs…and I wouldn’t want to go in second. (I’m sorry…I really can’t help it.) !!!! :) You guys know it’s FRIDAY?! Woo! No, I’m not drinking…*smile* Happy weekend!

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