Si, Hablo Espanol…and a Roundup

Remember when you were in high school and you had to take a foreign language in order to graduate? Back then, I was probably what you would call the typical American kid. I was concerned about what was going on in my little world, sports, and trying to impress the girls around me. That was about it. I was a good student, and I did well in all of my classes – including Spanish. However, I put in my required two years of study and let (almost) everything I learned slowly seep out of my brain to make room for other important things – like baseball stats. [Read more…]

VIP Club: Best Week Ever Edition



Good morning, Club Thrifty enthusiasts!  Not only is it Friday, but I have some awesome news to share with each and everyone one of you.  Are you sitting down?  Wait for it……

On Wednesday, we found out that we won the ebay Frugal Blog Award in the family category!  I’m sure you’re all wondering what exactly this means.  And the truth is, so am I.  From what I can tell, I’ve just won a whole lot of bragging rights, fame, and glory for all time.  I’m also the proud owner of this swank little badge to display on my blog until forevah.  Isn’t she beautiful???



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The VIP Club Roundup – Sorority Meltdown Edition

VIP Club - Sorority Meltdown EditionWhat’s up, party people? Welcome back to the VIP Club Roundup!

First, we wanted to apologize to anyone who tried to comment yesterday and couldn’t.  We were having issues with one of our plugins and comments were getting thrown out left and right.  We think that we have the issue fixed now.  If you want to check out yesterday’s post, you can check it out here. Here are the rest of our posts from the week, in case you missed those as well:

Club Thrifty Updates

So, what’s been going on at Club Thrifty?  We’re glad you asked. [Read more…]

I Just Wrote a Check for $8,700

Yep, you read that right. I just wrote a check for $8,700….and it hurt….a little.  Luckily, it wasn’t for a used Ford Focus or a set of breast implants.  The check I wrote was toward our mortgage, and I think it is the biggest payment we have ever made.  We usually can’t pay anywhere near $8,700. However, this month was special.  We finally took a big chunk of our online income out of the bank and did something with it.  It felt weird and exciting all at the same time!


We also set up an awesome mortgage spreadsheet to track our progress to the penny (and to make sure that the mortgage company isn’t messing up any of our prepayments).




BAM! How do you like them apples? [Read more…]

VIP Club Roundup – 18th Edition


VIP Club RoundupYo, VIP! Let’s kick it!


What up party peeps? The VIP Club Roundup is back! We are thrilled to be back in full force after an awesome vacation to the Dominican Republic…or as some of our friends from The Great White North like to call it Punta Canada. We had a super busy week, trying to play catch up and all. However, I did manage to get our taxes done. Yay for that being over with, and we even got a little refund! Between all of that, we even managed to get a few blog posts in this week. Here they are, just in case you missed them:



But, enough about us! Let’s get to some of those fancy search terms! [Read more…]

Become a VIP Club Insider!


The VIP Club


Are you looking for more personal finance awesomeness? Would you like us to notify you of super deals, cool stuff, and special offers as we find them? You’ve come to the right spot! We’d like to introduce you to the brand new Club Thrifty VIP Club Insider!


When you become a VIP Club Insider, we’ll give you special behind the scenes access to the happenings here at Club Thrifty right to your email inbox. We’ll also inform you of any super duper rad offers that we find, including special coupons and deals.


Don’t worry. We hate spam too. We’ll respect your virtual space by only sending you a few emails a month. Oh, did I mention that by becoming a VIP Club Insider you be entered into an exclusive $25 Amazon gift card giveaway? [Read more…]