A Craigslist Conundrum: What Would You Do?

craigslist 2As many of you know, we’re getting the hell up out of here in a few short weeks.  We bought a house and we’re currently in the midst of packing up all of our shit (again).  I’ve also been getting rid of stuff left and right – kid’s toys, home décor, junk.  Basically, anything I don’t want is not coming with us to the new house.  So, I bagged up a whole bunch of stuff for Goodwill and put some stuff on craigslist as well. [Read more...]

Are You Spending More Just to Get a Discount?

black-friday1-300x225Please enjoy this guest post from Ben Luthi.  Ben is a personal finance blogger who does his thing over at The Wealth Gospel. He’s passionate about helping people to stop thinking about personal finance according to the template society has created, and to find their true potential and align their behaviors with it. His favorite food is chips and salsa and his spirit animal is Warren Buffett.

I love a good discount. In fact, I can’t remember the last time my wife and I went out to eat without some form of a discount, whether it was through a Living Social or Groupon deal, a gift card, or a restaurant special. But when I scroll through online deals or go through mail ads, I can’t help but think, “There’s a whole lot of useless crap on here.” [Read more...]

Best Buy Sucks



Well, it finally happened.  My laptop died. I had been having problems with it for months so I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised.  And unfortunately, I had to go out and get another laptop despite the fact that we’re on FALL FINANCIAL LOCKDOWN.  Although I do have a second computer, it’s  a desktop.  I do a lot of work on the run and often take my laptop with me when we travel.  As a freelance writer and blogger, a laptop is definitely a need, and not a want.  It’s how I make my living. [Read more...]

6 Tips for Budget Gift Shopping

Whether you want to buy a graduation gift or a wedding gift card, staying on budget can be challenging.  However, finding new ways to give frugal gifts that are meaningful can also be fun. Giving a thoughtful gift without breaking the bank requires a bit of creative planning  on your end. So, without further adieu, here are some simple tips to help you do just that: [Read more...]

Online Shopping: A Money-Saving Initiative?


Online shopping: A Money-Saving Initiative?The popularity of online shopping has grown rapidly in recent years, and the global e-commerce industry is predicted to exceed a trillion dollars by 2015. In the US,  Black Friday has become an international event, with retailers promoting holiday goods even beyond the borders of North America. Citizens from around the world tapped into this one-weekend buying frenzy. Although the UK, Australia, Canada and the US are the prime customers, this ‘globalizing internet culture’ is also becoming widespread even in the Middle East. In fact, a survey released early in 2012 revealed that almost 50% of shoppers in Qatar use the internet to make purchases.


All of this begs the question – is shopping online really saving people money? Many primarily use online shopping to search for airline and concert tickets, plus music downloads and medicines. Of course, user habits vary widely throughout the world, but here are a few ways that you can use the internet to your advantage when making purchases. [Read more...]

5 Items Worth the Extra Money

The following is a guest post from Kyle James at Rather Be Shopping. If you are interested in guest posting at Club Thrifty, please see our guest posting guidelines.


5 Items Worth the Extra MoneySome items in life are just worth the extra cost. I didn’t always have this attitude and was typically willing to exchange quality for a lower price. But as I have gotten older and had kids of my own, my views, while still frugal by nature, have changed to a more balanced approach when it comes to quality vs. price. Here are five glaring examples that come to mind. [Read more...]