8 (Surprisingly) Cheap and Beautiful Travel Destinations

Finding cheap exotic vacations has become easier than ever. But where do you start? Try these 8 beautiful travel destinations for your next trip!

With so much information online, finding beautiful travel destinations that fit your budget has become easier than ever. The places you can go without breaking the bank may surprise you. But where do you start? Sometimes the sheer number of cheap vacations available can be overwhelming. Instead of hitting the beach and letting go of […]

Vacation Inflation: Making a Conscious Decision to Splurge (On a Budget)

Vacation Inflation: Making a Conscious Decision to Splurge

Over the last few years, we have worked hard and saved.  We have counted pennies, used coupons, and made most of our meals at home.  One by one, we have payed off almost all of our debts.  We have nearly paid off some legitimate expenses, such as our car and home improvement loans.  We have also had to pay […]

Are Diamond Engagement Rings Overrated?

Many people love their diamond rings, while others think that they are a good investment. But is that true? Are diamond engagement rings overrated?

With our ten-year wedding anniversary coming up later this year, my husband has been feeling generous. For our anniversary gift, he said I could pick between a few amazing things – either a new, upgraded wedding ring or a trip anywhere in the world. I think you know how that conversation went. I actually like […]

5 Lessons I Learned While Working Low-Wage Jobs

Working low-wage jobs has a way of changing your perspective. Here are five things I learned while working low-wage jobs in my early 20s.

It’s been a while since I worked in a job that would be considered “low-wage,” but that doesn’t mean I don’t remember what the low-wage lifestyle was like. Quite the contrary, really. I actually remember exactly what it felt like to be broke until payday, struggling to come up with money for anything extra – […]

5 DIY Projects You Should Attempt (And Some You Shouldn’t)

I'm a confirmed tightwad, but DIY doesn't always provide the most value. Here are 5 DIY projects you should attempt yourself…and some you shouldn’t.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m tighter than a skeeter’s ass in a nose dive. If something needs to be fixed or maintained, I’m always looking for ways to save money. Of course, that means I take on a lot of DIY projects. When we first got married, I was basically clueless when it […]

Here’s Why It Always Pays to Shop Around

It always pays to shop around! I remembered that last week after another shining example of contractor price bloating...but was my realization too late?

Last week, Greg was forced to take a cold shower. But before you start feeling sorry for him, you should know that it isn’t what you think. Here’s what happened: Basically, our water heater died sometime during the night without our knowledge. My lucky husband just happened to be the person who learned this knowledge […]