It All Boils Down to YOU: A Rant

personal responsibilityAnyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate politics.  I hate politics so much that I refuse to commit to a political party and ignore anything and everything that is overtly partisan.

I’m probably a libertarian, but I don’t really want to commit to that either.  I just want to think what I think, you know?  I don’t need anyone spoon-feeding me and I don’t feel the need to belong or be on the “winning side” or the “losing side.”  I’ve always hated team sports. [Read more…]

The Definition of Insanity: A Comcast Rant

The Definition of Insanity“You’ve got to be fu*#ing kidding me.”

That’s my new favorite phrase. Though I blurted it out several times on Sunday night, I’m not simply reserving this new catchphrase for errant football snaps or Percy Harvin kick returns. Nope. I’ve found several real-life instances in which I’ve been able to utter this most eloquent of new maxims. Let me explain. [Read more…]

Billing Errors Causing Temporary Insanity: A Rant

Billing Errors are driving me crazyI’m starting to feel like I am being secretly videotaped on that old MTV show, Boiling Points.  And let me give you a hint; my boiling point is currently T minus zero seconds when it comes to billing errors.  I have had so many billing errors in the past few years that I sometimes wonder if I am being punished for something I may have done in a former lifetime.  Do companies just hate me?  Can they really all be that bad at basic math?  Is good customer service just a thing of the past?

I received four bills in the mail while I was away last week, and two of them had crazy mistakes on them.  And not just small mistakes, glaring errors.  The kind that make my head spin like the exorcist as I try not to yell expletives at innocent customer service reps.  The kind that make me question the competency of the companies that I choose to do business with.  The kind that make me bat shit crazy.  Let me explain. [Read more…]

Catastrophic Events That Will Keep You Up at Night


Catastrophic Events That Will Keep You Up at Night“The night is dark and full of terrors.”


Yup yup. Have we mentioned that we LOVE  Game of Thrones around this joint? We haven’t?…Well, guess what…We do, AND the second season was released last Tuesday on DVD! Can I get a “Winterfell” up in this joint?!? HOLLA!!!


“The night is dark and full of terrors,” is definitely one of my favorite lines from the season – which is so uber swank that we’ve already started watching the entire 10-hour season for a second time. Don’t judge. These are the things you do when you are a) nerds, b) parents, and c) live without cable TV distracting you. Of course, Game of Thrones is an HBO show…which is a premium cable channel…but who’s counting?


While Melisandre’s words of warning may be correct, there are plenty of terrifying things that we should fear during the day as well. I’m not just talking about going to work or having two teenage daughters. I’m talkin ’bout some wild and crazy catastrophic events that could wipe us all out!


Oddly enough, my demented mind began pondering this the other day after reading the news. One of the stories stated that outer space was the “insurer’s final frontier.” By now, everybody has heard about the meteor that drilled Chelyabinsk, Russia. The article theorized about how insurers should consider offering insurance to protect property owners from damages suffered due to catastrophic events like these. Say whaaa?


According to the article, each year there is about a 1 in 250 chance of an asteroid between 30-100 meters in size deciding to play poke and tickle with the Earth. Now, how the hell insurance companies plan to tackle this market is beyond me. Still, it got me thinking about other catastrophic events that would be difficult to insure. Here are a few of the more terrifying catastrophes against which we will probably never be able to insure ourselves. [Read more…]

I Am a Cheap-Ass Santa: A Christmas Shopping Rant


I Am a Cheap-Ass Santa: A Christmas Shopping RantWell, it’s that time of year again.  Winter is coming. That means it’s time to buy your children, family, and friends stuff that they don’t really want or need….all in the name of Christmas.  I have never understood how a beautiful religious holiday turned into the giant push for mass consumerism.  Still, I plan on participating to a certain extent.  Afterall, I have small children and they believe in their heart of hearts that a giant fat man in a red suit will soon be showering them with toys!


All I Want for Christmas is a…3DS?!?

Speaking of toys, I recently asked my 3-year-old what she wanted for Christmas.  She replied with the usual – art supplies, baby dolls, dress up clothes.  But she also said she wanted a 3DS like her friends have.  A 3DS? Hmmm… [Read more…]

Election Day: Do We Really Have a Choice?


Election Day: Do We Really Have a Choice?Unless you’ve been in a coma, everybody in the United States knows that today is election day. It is freedom’s crowning achievement. It is the day when each of us gets to express his views at the ballot box. We choose our leaders to make decisions that will affect all of our lives. Tens of thousands of people have died for this right to choose. However, over the last several weeks, I’ve begun to wonder if we really have a choice at all. [Read more…]