Election Day: Do We Really Have a Choice?


Election Day: Do We Really Have a Choice?Unless you’ve been in a coma, everybody in the United States knows that today is election day. It is freedom’s crowning achievement. It is the day when each of us gets to express his views at the ballot box. We choose our leaders to make decisions that will affect all of our lives. Tens of thousands of people have died for this right to choose. However, over the last several weeks, I’ve begun to wonder if we really have a choice at all. [Read more…]

What is the Fiscal Cliff and Why Should You Care?


What is the Fiscal Cliff and Why Should You Care?Welcome to Club Thrifty’s Halloween Spooktacular Extravaganza! Today’s topic is entitled, “What is the Fiscal Cliff and Why Should You Care?” Please be sure to put the kiddos to bed, lock your doors, and slip on a pair of depends because you’re sure to pee your pants from fright! Enjoy! Muhahahahahahahaha!”


There has been quite a lot of talk lately in both political cirlces and in the personal finance community about the “fiscal cliff.” Yet, many still wonder what the fiscal cliff is all about. Never fear! Just like Clarissa of Nickelodeon shows past, Club Thrifty is here to explain it all to you! [Read more…]

Student Loan Debt Forgiveness: A Rant


I’m not sure what is wrong with me this week. I don’t know, maybe I’m just crabby. Maybe I’m tired of hearing my kids whine. Or, maybe, I’m just fed up with crap. Whatever it is, I’m getting riled up over everything lately…and nothing irritates me more than people making poor financial decisions and not taking any responsibility for it.

Is it me, or have we decided that everybody who makes a bad decision in this country should have the opportunity to blame it on somebody else? We harbor this gigantic victim mentality, helping us to rationalize why our mistakes are never our own doing. Since it is never our fault, we’ve come to believe that we should never have to suffer any of the distasteful consequences for our poor decisions. It is beginning to make me crazy. [Read more…]