5 Job Seeking Tips for Job Searchers

Job searchLet’s face it: searching for a job sucks. Not only do you have the stress of being unhappy in your current job or unemployed, you also have to comb through hundreds upon hundreds of job openings that you either don’t want or don’t qualify for. Whether you are searching for jobs in Manchester, England or Dallas, Texas, these few simple job seeking tips may help you get your foot in the door and into a job that you like before you know it. [Read more…]

An Interview With Melissa Hathaway of ShopAtHome.com

An Interview with ShopAtHome.comHey folks! Welcome back to Club Thrifty! Today we are uber pleased to be joined by Melissa Hathaway, Senior Marketing Analyst at ShopAtHome.com. Enjoy!


Club Thrifty: Hello Melissa, and thanks for being with us today! Tell us a little bit about ShopAtHome.com?

Melissa: ShopAtHome.com is a site that shares thousands of coupons on nearly everything.  In addition to providing coupons, we also work directly with retailers to negotiate Cash Bach rewards for our users.


CT: Sounds cool, but how does it save you money?

MH: We aggregate best of the web deals and share them through email, social channels and our site to help you save on everything you buy.  We also scour the web and have a few hundred thousand coupons on our site at any given time.  There are lots of coupon sites out there, but they aren’t created equal.  They all receive a commission from retailers for sending them traffic, but what makes ShopAtHome.com different is that we share a portion of that commission back with our users in the form of Cash Back.  That means that just by going through ShopAtHome, you’ll get a portion of your purchase sent back to you in cold hard cash (okay, it’s actually a check, but you get the idea……)


CT: Are there buying patterns we should know about? When should we buy what? What coupons and deals circulate when? [Read more…]

An Interview with J.D. Roth, Founder of Get Rich Slowly


Thanks for joining us at Club Thrifty! After your done reading our sweet post, be sure to check out Holly’s staff post today at Get Rich Slowly.


An Interview With J.D. RothWelcome back to Club Thrifty! Many of you may have noticed that we have some new digs here. We figured that there was no better way to celebrate our redesign than by interviewing the one and only J.D. Roth.


For those of you who may not know, J.D. Roth is a legend in the personal finance blogosphere. He is the founder of Get Rich Slowly and the author of Your Money the Missing Manual. He also writes about More Than Money at jdroth.com. So, without further delay, let’s get to the interview! [Read more…]