An Interview with J.D. Roth, Founder of Get Rich Slowly


Thanks for joining us at Club Thrifty! After your done reading our sweet post, be sure to check out Holly’s staff post today at Get Rich Slowly.


An Interview With J.D. RothWelcome back to Club Thrifty! Many of you may have noticed that we have some new digs here. We figured that there was no better way to celebrate our redesign than by interviewing the one and only J.D. Roth.


For those of you who may not know, J.D. Roth is a legend in the personal finance blogosphere. He is the founder of Get Rich Slowly and the author of Your Money the Missing Manual. He also writes about More Than Money at So, without further delay, let’s get to the interview! [Read more…]

Club Thrifty: Turning Our Dreams into Reality


Club Thrifty: Turning Our Dreams Into RealityWhen we started our blog six months ago, we never really thought that anyone would even read it.  We never would have imagined that it would grow into what it has – and do it in such a short period of time.  Now that we’ve lived through the first six months of Club Thrifty, I have to say that it has been amazing.  We have met and networked with inspirational writers and people from all over the world.  Truly, we never anticipated all of the support that we have gotten and all of the connections that we have made.  If you have stopped by, commented, or promoted our blog at any point over the past six months, we want to say “thank you.”

We have also learned so much over such a short amount of time.  We made mistakes and, luckily, took the time to learn from them.  We asked for advice from more established bloggers. People like Jeremy from Modest Money, Jefferson and Michelle from See Debt Run, Average Joe at The Free Financial Advisor, Michelle from Making Sense of Cents, Jacob at iHeartbudgets, Jason at Work Save Live, Daisy at …Add Vodka, and Carrie Smith from Careful Cents were happy to help.  Of course, everybody at the Yakezie Network has been extremely helpful as well.


It Gets Better…

Some new and exciting things are happening here at Club Thrifty.  First, last week, I was hired to be a staff writer at my very favorite personal finance blog, Get Rich Slowly.  It is my understanding that my stories will be published twice per month, on the second and last Thursday of each month.  Make sure to check them out and show your support.  Or, comment and tell me that what I’m saying is completely wrong.  You know I live for controversy and awkward moments! My first “staff” assignment will go live this Thursday! [Read more…]