My Worst Money Mistakes



One of my favorite things to do is make fun of myself, and it’s partly because I make it so darn easy.

After all, I provide an endless stream of fodder for my own jokes, like the fact that I wear pajamas every day, all day.  Or the many times I have gotten drunk and performed tragic reenactments of my favorite songs during karaoke.  Or the time I texted my old boss and her husband with the simple words, “love you,” because I mistakenly thought I was texting Greg. [Read more…]

Selling A Mortgage Note 101

mortgageAre you one of the many Americans that own a mortgage note? You may have become the owner of a mortgage note if you have chosen to owner-finance a piece of real estate. In our country’s current economic landscape, many Americans have and continue to choose to owner-finance their home or other real estate as an investment opportunity. After all, owner financing can be a great choice for buyers and sellers alike. [Read more…]

Making the Leap to Get Out of Debt

Being in debt is scary.  And not having the cash you need to pay your bills can seriously suck.  That’s why we go into debt, isn’t it?  That’s why we spend money that we don’t have.  And, it’s ultimately the reason why people do drastic things like selling plasma and taking out payday loans. Big mistake. [Read more…]

Club Thrifty August Budget Breakdown

Good morning, Thriftaholics!  Welcome to the first installment of our monthly budget breakdown.  I’ve never shared our monthly budget details before but was inspired to do so after sharing my monthly income for the first time in June.  In case you missed that post, you can read it here:

Cash Money: $7,230 in June Income, Blog Updates, and Goals

From now on, I’ll be sharing a monthly cash money income update as well as my monthly budget details for all of the world to see. Isn’t that exciting?  Of course it is!  [Read more…]

Club Thrifty Fall Financial Lockdown

Club Thrifty Fall Financial LockdownAfter my vacation to Mexico last week and my complete budget breakdown, I’ve realized that it’s time to get serious again.  It’s time to start watching pennies and nickels and sticking to my budget come hell or high water.  Why?  Because sticking to a budget is one of the best things we have ever learned to do.  When we started budgeting a few years ago, we made huge financial progress.  Here is what we have accomplished in the last 30 months:

  • We’ve paid off almost over 120K in debt (includes car loans, student loans, personal loans, credit card debt, and part of our mortgage)
  • We’ve worked our way to a savings rate of over 50 percent
  • We started building college funds for our kids
  • We have a year’s worth of living expenses in cash savings [Read more…]

Mission Possible: Avoiding Debt

Whether you like it or not, it’s difficult to avoid getting yourself into at least one form of debt at some point in your life. For instance, if you ever want to own a home you probably need a mortgage. Regardless of your intentions, a lot of debt is taken on due to poor money management and bad planning.  Fortunately, there are several strategies for avoiding debt altogether. [Read more…]