The VIP Club Roundup – 10th Edition


The VIP Club Roundup


Welcome back to Club Thrifty’s VIP Club Roundup, the place that puts the swank in swanktacular! If this is your first time here, welcome. Be sure to check out our VIP Club page and pick up your badge! Also, don’t forget about the $100 giveaway in which we are participating. In case you missed them, here are our posts from this week:



Also, just in case you missed it, Holly was interviewed for an article at Credit Card Select about how Hurricane Sandy could financially affect its victims even after the clean-up is finished.


Moving on, we are always trying to find ways to make this roundup interesting for you guys. Therefore, we’ve decided to add a new feature this week. *Drumroll* Introducing the all new, super-duper exciting, fantastically disturbing “What is Holly Obsessed With this Week?”


What is Holly Obsessed With this Week?

Holly likes things. Sometimes she really likes things…a lot. She tends to get focused on something and not be able to stop. As you can tell by the articles she’s written, this week Holly has been obsessed with Craigslist. However, that is not all. If you think you’ve seen bad ass before, just wait until you see this! [Read more…]