A Craigslist Conundrum: What Would You Do?

craigslist 2As many of you know, we’re getting the hell up out of here in a few short weeks.  We bought a house and we’re currently in the midst of packing up all of our shit (again).  I’ve also been getting rid of stuff left and right – kid’s toys, home décor, junk.  Basically, anything I don’t want is not coming with us to the new house.  So, I bagged up a whole bunch of stuff for Goodwill and put some stuff on craigslist as well. [Read more…]

How to Sell Your Stuff Online

About the Author: Bobby is the co-founder of Making Money Fast and Slow, a blog aimed at helping young adults with personal finance and investing. He is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech.

When I graduated from college, I had a lot of stuff that I either didn’t need anymore or couldn’t fit in my new apartment – stuff like textbooks, furniture, and kitchenware, among other things. Instead of throwing them all away, I learned how to sell them and make some money. Here are some ways to do just that:   [Read more…]

“Best of Craigslist” – November 2012 Edition


Yesterday, I wrote about trying to sell my furniture on Craigslist. In case you didn’t read it, I have great news to share.  We finally did sell our furniture. The bad news is that we now only have a small futon to sit on for a while. Luckily, this is only temporary as our new furniture should be delivered in the next few weeks.

Anyhow, back to Craigslist! As I delved into the world of Craigslist in order to sell my furniture, I began to browse a little. Afterall, I love a bargain. Would Indianapolis Craigslist have any low-priced goodies that I could snatch up? Would I find a rare collector’s item for pennies on the dollar? Would I score something for free off some stranger’s curb? Would I find some amazing new item that I never knew I needed but can no longer live without?

Hell no. I mostly found the usual stuff – baby clothes, furniture, household items, and electronics.  However, I also found some things for sale that I find…um…strange.  I am usually hard to shock, but Craigslist really surprised me.  Apparently, there is a market for almost anything.  Remember, these items could all be yours for the right price. [Read more…]

Craigslist: Great Way to Sell your Crap or Total Pain in the Ass?


Craigslist: Frugal Way to Sell Your Crap?A few weeks ago, I wrote about how we did the unthinkable and bought new furniture from the store.  You see, my furniture was completely uncomfortable.  Since we were trying to avoid moving, we decided that buying new furniture might keep us in our current house long enough for us to pay off the mortgage in 35-months.  Don’t get me wrong – my old furniture was really nice.  It was just way too oversized, deep, and completely impractical for those who are not at least 7-feet tall.  Since my furniture was obviously made for giants, we decided to look for new furniture for us little folk.

We found average looking but comfortable furniture at the store and bought it.  Since we don’t need two sets of great room furniture, we decided to sell our old set on Craigslist to offset the cost of our new digs.

I honestly haven’t sold that much on Craigslist before.  I mostly have just bought things….baby clothes, kid clothes, my beautiful office furniture, tables, chairs, and almost anything else that you can think of.  I put together my Craigslist ad asking $400 for my couch, love seat, and two end tables with high hopes I instantly starting getting texts.

“Do you still have the furniture?”


“Do you still have the couch and love seat?”


“Do you still have the couch and love seat?”


After each of these inquiries, nothing but silence followed.  Were they just being nosy?  Since they took the time to text and ask if I still had it, does that mean that they were interested?  Did my reply of “Yes” somehow make them change their mind?  After getting several more repeats of the same question, I started wondering what the hell was going on with people. [Read more…]