Saving for the Perfect Vacation

How-To-Save-For-VacationAhhhhhh…..  It’s finally Spring, and that means that most people you know have either already been on vacation, are currently planning ago vacation, or are still wishing they could afford it.  The good news is, there are plenty of ways to save for the perfect trip if you’re struggling to afford it.

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  1. Kathy says

    Vacations are more important to my husband than they are to me. Home is my favorite place to be. But to save for vacations we do take, we have an investment account and the earnings it generates pay for our trips. If it only earns $1000 that’s all the vacation we afford that year. If it earns $20,000 we can take one whale o a vacation. But truthfully, being retired is the best vacation in the world!

  2. BKZK says

    I’m not sure how people pay you to write the same article over and over and over. Besides doing that and complaining about the Affordable Care Act, your schtick sure is getting old!

  3. BKZK says

    I’m going to keep coming back again and again and again…..until you post something worthwhile somewhere. Then I’ll leave you alone for a while;)

    • says

      Hey, you’re not bothering me. Actually, I make more money when more people visit my site, so you’re actually sending some cash my way. Feel free to click on some advertising links while you’re here!

  4. says

    Just the word ‘vacation’ feels me with joy. You’ll not believe that I haven’t taken a break for the last 2 years, in the conquest of repairing my financial life. I donno why everytime I hear someone go on a vacation, especially a family one, I get jealous. Happy holidaying friend. :)

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