How Small Business Saturday Made Me Feel Like a Jerk

discount Being patriotic is exhausting so I took an extra day to recover from the holiday weekend.  Please enjoy this post from Leana Storts from

Some of you might be familiar with Amex Small Business Saturday promotion.  You know, the one where you get 10 dollars back on each 10 dollar purchase per card at participating  places. It happens only once a year and naturally, as a money saving enthusiast,  I like to take advantage of it. However, let me tell you a story about how the pursuit of free stuff can sometimes backfire big-time. This is my experience from last November…… [Read more...]

Dangerous Online Investments- 2014 Edition

investInvesting can be great if you have the necessary funds as well as patience to learn the basics. However, there are also an increasing number of online investment opportunities that are not a good idea for beginners, and can even be dangerous. [Read more...]

Sorry Kids, We’re Broke: 4 Reasons to Live Like You’re Poor

brokeIf you have kids, you’ve probably reached the conclusion that they are incredibly expensive.  After all, you have to provide them with food, clothing, and everyday essentials, in addition to the really expensive stuff- like daycare, shelter, and healthcare.

And as they get older, it only gets worse.  Instead of wanting a clown at their birthday party, they start wanting expensive game consoles, designer clothes and shoes, and even a smartphone.  And it doesn’t stop once they get to high school, because then you have to start planning for college and weddings, and even the prospect of grandkids.  Yikes. [Read more...]

The Secret Way to Save Money on Fireworks This Year

fireworksWith July 4th just around the corner, you’re probably busy planning holiday festivities, arranging a neighborhood cookout, or trying to remember which one of your friends has a boat.  Oh, and you’re probably starting to think about what kinds of fireworks to purchase.  Will it be sparklers and Roman candles?  Black Cats?  Fountains?  Those little snakes that leave nasty stains on your driveway?

Fortunately, I’m here to help you resolve some of those issues and make the firework-buying process nearly seamless.  Through years of research, I have discovered a simple tip that can help you save a ton of cash on fireworks- as much as 100%.  In fact, I wrote this post just so I could share my insane discovery with all of my readers.  Don’t say I never gave you anything!!!

How to Save Money on Fireworks

The secret way to save money on fireworks is to……wait for it…… [Read more...]

Credit Card Rewards: What Am I Doing Now?

The pool area at the Holiday Inn in Montego Bay

The pool area at the Holiday Inn in Montego Bay

Even though I write plenty about credit card rewards over at Frugal Travel Guy, I like to write about it on my home turf from time to time.  I guess it’s partly because I get so many personal emails and questions from people wondering which rewards they should pursue and which deals are H-O-T.

To be honest, it can sometimes be hard to answer those questions.  After all, we all have different travel goals and the best option for one person isn’t always the same for someone else.  Therefore, I thought it would be fun to give a rundown of the cards we’ve signed up for over the past six months and why. 

Whether you want to travel abroad, sail the Mediterranean Sea with Royal Holiday, or simply earn a few free flights, the following strategies might help: [Read more...]

My Worst Money Mistakes



One of my favorite things to do is make fun of myself, and it’s partly because I make it so darn easy.

After all, I provide an endless stream of fodder for my own jokes, like the fact that I wear pajamas every day, all day.  Or the many times I have gotten drunk and performed tragic reenactments of my favorite songs during karaoke.  Or the time I texted my old boss and her husband with the simple words, “love you,” because I mistakenly thought I was texting Greg. [Read more...]