4 Budgeting Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

budgetAh, budgeting. Like it or not, budgeting is the backbone of sucessful personal finance and the heart and soul of good financial health.

Many of us who have finally found the path to financial health and independence now realize just how important budgeting is. However, obtaining this knowledge is rarely easy. Our stint with budgeting began in 2011 after we started tracking our spending and realized that we were wasting more than $1,000 per month on food.  Oink, oink.  Who knows how many thousands of dollars we let fly out the window before we actually realized the error of our ways and – more importantly – how to correct them. [Read more...]

Cash Money: $9,438 in September Income…and a Business Card Giveaway

Winner for "Best Frugality Blog"

Winner for “Best Frugality Blog”

Good morning friends, haters, and frenemies.  Welcome to my monthly income report- please try to contain yourself.

It’s been another great month in the world of web-based freelance writing.  As I reported a few months ago, I lost one fairly lucrative job and instantly went on the hunt for something to replace it.  Well, apparently I replaced it and then some…because my earnings skyrocketed last month! [Read more...]

Here’s Why You’re Broke: You’re Picky

kens frenchWe all have a favorite type of salad dressing, right? For me, it’s Ken’s Honey French.  There’s just something about its flavor and texture that I haven’t found with other brands.  Hell, I’d take a bath in it if Greg would let me, and I dip everything in it- even French fries!

With that being said, I will not buy it if it’s not on sale- the full retail price is $3.99!  So I have a few options- a) I can stock up on Ken’s Honey French when it’s on sale, or b) I can buy a different French dressing when it’s not.

I usually go with option A. [Read more...]

Tips On Tipping When You Travel

tippingWhether you are traveling to Mohonk, New York, or Shanghai, China, your trip is always made better by the people who serve you. Tipping is one way you can show appreciation and help support the people who work hard for your pleasure. Many people don’t know when to tip and when not to tip, and since it costs extra, they may simply skip it all together. However, when you receive good service, tipping is never wrong. [Read more...]

Should We Put $5K into a 529 Plan?

college fundHello, Thriftaholics! As you probably know, Holly and I went to New Orleans last weekend for the nerd convention that we call FinCon. It was freakin’ AMAZING! Not only did we get to hang out with a bunch of our best friends from all around the internet, we actually learned a lot too. [Read more...]

Could Your Family Survive on SNAP Benefits?

foodLast week, one of my “real life” friends invited me to participate in a Facebook challenge that was designed to raise money for a good cause.

For a hot minute, I was super annoyed.  After all, I’m still reeling from the horrors of the Ice Bucket Challenge.  With millions of people lacking access to safe water around the globe each year, it absolutely blew my mind to watch everyone I know waste gallons of water in the name of charity.  Only in America, folks. #FacePalm [Read more...]