Investing in Retirement: A Gift to Your Future-Self

retirementPlease enjoy this guest post from Gary Hand.  Gary writes on topics ranging from investment products to small business tips. He is a big fan of frugality in all aspects of life and currently lives with his partner in East Anglia. [Read more...]

Adulthood: Changing Times, Changing Priorities

Please enjoy this post from staff writer, Mitchell Pauly.  Mitchell writes for and he relaunched his site today.  Make sure to check it out!

As I’ve gotten older,  I’ve started to recognize things more for what they are and less for what they should be.  Over the last five years since college, responsibility has chased me down and molested me, made me feel less like a man and more like the leather clad sex slave in Pulp Fiction.  During these times the weight of adulthood makes my knees buckle, my head spin, and entire stretches of days go black—it’s as if life slipped me rohypnol and was very gentle.  I have been lucky; so far there hasn’t been any collateral damage, no evidence that any abuse took place, and so I push the shame deep down inside and wonder how I can prevent similar events from happening again.  Then my life goes black once more. [Read more...]

Disposable Income: How Much?

How much money do you have left over once you’ve paid all the bills? Would it surprise you to learn that one in 11 people in Britain (equating to 4.5 million across the country) have less than £10 disposable income per month? [Read more...]

How does Bankruptcy Affect the Family Home?

bankruptcyBankruptcy can cause serious problems for anyone who lives through it.  Afterall, those who go through bankruptcy often ruin their credit and often lose their entire net worth in the process.  This type of situation is surely a struggle for the individual.  However, how does bankruptcy affect the family? [Read more...]

UK banks Create Schemes to Pay the People Back

bankThe 2007 financial crisis caused widespread damage to not only the UK banking sector, but to the economy as a whole. In the process, it also caused massive harm to the reputation of bankers in general. One of the ways that banks are trying to solve this problem is by creating schemes to pay citizens back. However, repairing such a damaged relationship with the UK taxpayer will require innovative thinking by those involved in the UK financial industry. [Read more...]

RED ALERT: Cheesy Thanksgiving Post

cheeses2013 has been a strange year for us.  We moved, which is something I thought we may never do.  We quickly and easily sold our home, which is something I thought would be difficult.  Our kids transitioned smoothly to a new daycare, even though we expected the worst.  And, we stumbled upon a nice place to live temporarily while we search for a new home, which is something that I never expected.

So, even though Greg quit his job to try sales, and hated it, we’re still better off than we were a year ago for a variety of reasons.  We’ve built up our assets this year, for instance, and stayed debt free.  We’ve also maintained our good health, which is something that I’m eternally grateful for.  And even though our lives still aren’t perfect, I still have so many things to be thankful for.  So, I wrote a cheesy Thanksgiving post to outline some of the things I am thankful for on a daily basis.  Here are a few:  [Read more...]