Club Thrifty February Budget Breakdown

no snowAs you read this, my state is once again reeling from a huge-ass snowstorm.  And, although the snow doesn’t bother me too much on a personal level, I really don’t want this awful weather to disrupt my vacation to Jamaica this Friday.  We have a connecting flight that we have to pick up in Charlotte, North Carolina, so the worst case scenario is that we’ll have to drive our asses eight hours down there to get on the plane.  I called the airline to see if that was an option and the lady said that it was but only if our first flight was cancelled.  Unfortunately, we may not find out that our flight is cancelled until the very last minute, and quite possibly too late to make it down to North Carolina anyways.  So, while I realize that these are some serious first world problems, I would appreciate it if you could manage to send some positive thoughts my way.  This winter has been obscenely cold and miserable, and my mental health requires a change of scenery, if only for a while. [Read more...]

The Definition of Insanity: A Comcast Rant

The Definition of Insanity“You’ve got to be fu*#ing kidding me.”

That’s my new favorite phrase. Though I blurted it out several times on Sunday night, I’m not simply reserving this new catchphrase for errant football snaps or Percy Harvin kick returns. Nope. I’ve found several real-life instances in which I’ve been able to utter this most eloquent of new maxims. Let me explain. [Read more...]

A Short and Sweet Guide to Protecting Your Business Website

cash moneyYou’ve just established a business website. However, without a clear, established structure in place to govern any business transactions on your site, you will fall prey to legal disputes regarding a non-paying customer or ambiguous expectations from either party. In order to make sure you are protecting your business, you need a contract –something to lay down the ground rules and the obligations for both parties. [Read more...]

Cash Money: $6,150 in January Income and Blog Updates

cash moneyFirst of all, I want you to know that Monday was quite possibly the worst day ever.  Well, not really.  It did suck though.  Here is the basic rundown of what happened:

  • Even though I should know better, I signed up for Comcast internet for our new house. (Why do I punish myself in this way???)  Our first bill is already wrong, like $16.00 too much wrong, and I spent at least 45 minutes talking to someone who still hasn’t fixed it.  Sigh.
  • I wrote an $1,150 check to someone from the new checking account I opened when we moved to our new, permanent home.  Well, apparently they thought that it was suspicious and flagged the check for fraud or something.  So it basically made it look like I had non-sufficient funds, even though I certainly did not.  Needless to say, I’m mortified and embarrassed.
  • Once I started writing this post, I realized that I did not post an income update for December.  I know that most of you don’t care, but I’m super mad at myself for letting it fall through the cracks.  ‘Doh!

[Read more...]

Embarrassing Ways to Save Money

Head in HandsAs someone who doesn’t really get embarrassed, I’m pretty much willing to do anything to save a buck or two.  Of course, I don’t go to quite the lengths that I used to.  For instance, back in my couponing days I would split my purchases up into five separate orders just to get free toothpaste at CVS.  Oh yes, and I totally remember when Greg and I stockpiled over 300 quarts of ready-to-feed Similac formula when that $5 off any Similac coupon came out a few years ago.  (Yes, my kids drank formula.  Sue me). [Read more...]

Four Financial Mistakes to Avoid

mistakeFinancial planners usually encourage clients to prepare for the worst case scenario, even if it’s unlikely to happen. Failure to control your spending, gambling or asset-picking, and serious accidents may have a serious impact on your ability to meet financial needs or save. Knowing how to prepare for unplanned events can make ease some of life’s nagging concerns about “what if?” Here are four financial mistakes to avoid: [Read more...]