How to Start an Online Store

were openThe world is changing at a rapid pace and many people are no longer content working for someone else for 30 years or more. As technology advances, and consumers continue to live in a 24/7 society, there are an increasing number of opportunities for business-minded individuals to become successful entrepreneurs. And, as more and more consumers head online to do their shopping, the opportunity to start an online store and become successful becomes more feasible.

According to Mashable, eCommerce sales are expected to hit $326 billion. This billion dollar industry will continue to see exponential growth as more consumers turn to their mobile devices to complete their online purchases. [Read more…]

Cash Money: $6,650 in April Income and Blog Updates

DSCF3404Before I get started on my monthly income update, I want everyone to take a moment to look at the picture of my garage on the left.  That, my friends, is the garage of my dreams.  It’s clean.  It’s organized.  It’s the envy of the neighborhood.  Well, maybe not.  But it does look good, right?  It isn’t fancy, but it is functional.  I like it.

Having a big ol’ garage sale also made it possible to get rid of the boxes of junk and baby stuff that I no longer need.  I also made around $225 for my efforts.  Winning! [Read more…]

Bad Landlords to Avoid

couch manEven the best-behaved tenants can end up dealing with a crappy landlord. However, many bad landlords show their colors early in the application process and you can avoid them if you know what to look for.  Before signing a lease, make sure that you won’t be renting from one of these types of bad landlords to avoid: [Read more…]

Winning: How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

garage saleWell, I finally did it.  I had the garage sale I’ve been planning since we moved into our new home this winter.  And, to be honest, it was pretty torturous.  Greg had to work this Saturday so it was just me and the kids.  I have always loved my Saturdays alone with them, but I did a terrible job at managing the kids and the garage sale at the same time.

It was partly because the kids got so bored early in the day, but it was also because I had so many people coming in and out.  To be honest, it was really hard to get the kids their drinks and snacks, or even put them down for a nap.  In fact, they had cheese and crackers and blueberries for lunch because I only had about a minute to throw something together! Anyway, I would consider my garage sale a success for two reasons: [Read more…]

Your Mortgage: Is 30 Years Too Long?

DSCF3358As many of you know, we bought a new house in January of this year.  And unfortunately, the whole thing was a little strange.  We’ve applied for many mortgages in the past- either for our primary residence, rental properties, or the various times we’ve refinanced- but this time was different.  Since I became self-employed in April of this year, the bank would no longer count my income toward our loan.  That meant that only Greg’s income would count.  And since we made significantly less on paper, we were held to stricter standards.  Because of the strange circumstances, I had to send and resend documents ad nauseam.  In short, it was a huge pain. [Read more…]

How to See Italy For Free

colosseumWhenever people I know talk about the various places they’d like to travel, the topic almost always turns to Italy. If you’re considering a trip to Italy, you’re probably worried about how expensive it could be. After all, you’ll have flights and lodging to worry about, in addition to paying for food and incidentals. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fly and stay in Italy for zero dollars.  Want to hear more?  Continue Reading….