How the Flu Saved Me Money

I am ill at the officeOver the last two weeks, at least one person in this house has been sick every single day.  It started with my three-year-old; she came home from daycare and said that she didn’t feel good enough to go to gymnastics.  My little girl is never sick and rarely slows down, so I knew right then and there that something was seriously wrong.   [Read more…]

Why Do People Sell Timeshares for $1?

Relaxing Seaside ResortYou can buy nearly anything you want on ebay these days – ugly dolls, collectibles no one wants, clothes, and even coupons.  But did you know that you can buy a timeshare for $1?

I certainly didn’t until I stumbled upon pages of timeshares on ebay the other day, many of which were for sale for $1 or $5.  I was obviously intrigued, so I scanned a few of them to see what was up with the low, low price tag[Read more…]

Middle America: You Can Have Kids Without Going Broke

family on moneyAccording to CNN Money,  a recent study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture claims that the average cost of raising a child climbed to more than $245,000 in 2013.

To reach that number, they took the average costs of housing, food, clothing, education, health care, and child care into consideration, along with things like hair cuts, cell phones, and extracurricular activities.  Sounds legit, but are those numbers right?  Does it really cost a quarter-of-a-million dollars to raise a kid in America these days? [Read more…]

Reader Question: Will Credit Card Rewards Ruin Your Credit?

Will credit card rewards ruin your credit? Nah!Over the last few years, my husband and I have signed up for dozens of new credit card accounts.  I’m sure that probably seems pretty extreme, but it’s really not when you consider the fact that our credit cards are spread across our two personal credit profiles and three separate businesses. [Read more…]

What is an LLC? (And How to Start Your Own)

What is an LLC?So, you’ve decided to start your own blog or business. You’ve been working it hardcore, and you may even be making a few stacks from your new gig. If so, it may be time to start your own LLC.

What is an LLC anyway?

An LLC (short for Limited Liability Company) is a business entity that can be formed in any of the 50 nifty United States. It is neither a corporation nor is it a sole proprietorship/partnership. Instead, you get the best of both worlds by combining the two. An LLC offers the simplicity and flexibility of starting a sole proprietorship while providing you with the limited liability enjoyed by corporations. In other words, an LLC separates your personal assets from your business assets – protecting them, in theory, if your business was ever to be sued. Furthermore, owners in the LLC  (referred to as “members”) enjoy the same pass-through taxation treatments that partnerships and sole props are given. Thus, business income is only taxed once instead of twice like in a C-Corp. Pretty sweet deal, eh? [Read more…]

My Frugal West Coast – Las Vegas Vacation

Famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign with vintage textureI recently planned out all of our trips through November 2015.  Crazy, I know, but it is just part of the sickness.

Still, sometimes it pays off to plan ahead since some of the best award redemptions can only be made early.  Personally, I like to have as many options as possible, so I always start scheming as soon as I can. [Read more…]