What Do Food Pantries Need?

groceriesFor some reason, we have gotten into the habit of doing all of our charitable giving at the end of the year.  One way we typically give back is to sponsor a family or two for Christmas, but I failed miserably at setting that up this year.  So instead, we decided to replace that aspect of our giving with some food pantry donations and a monetary gift to our local animal shelter. [Read more…]

The Key to Investing Success? A Plan, Not an Opinion

ladysadIt’s been said that when most people make stock market investment decisions, they are guided mostly by emotion and not reason. While emotion certainly has its place in life, allowing it to control your financial decisions is a recipe for disaster. [Read more…]

8 Easy Ways to Update Your Home’s Exterior Without Going Broke

houseImproving the look and value of your home is something almost every homeowner can get behind, but the initial enthusiasm can be hard to maintain after looking into the cost and time required for many home improvement projects. It seems as if updates are becoming harder and harder to finance, especially if what you’d like to improve involves your home’s exterior. [Read more…]

December Budget Breakdown and Savings Updates

xmassweaterGood morning, thriftaholics.  I honestly cannot believe that it is December already.  Where did this year go?  It seems like I was just plotting out our goals for 2014!  Craziness.

Anyway, I am pretty happy with how our year went both financially and personally.  We did really awesome when it came to creating a zero-sum budget each month, and we were able to stick to our plan the vast majority of the time (aside from at least one epic budget fail).  [Read more…]

Save on Christmas with ShopatHome.com

shopathomeSince I’m a cheap-ass Santa, I’m always looking for ways to save on Christmas gift-giving. And since I pretty much hate crowds and queueing, the convenience of online shopping is something I take advantage of when I can. Obviously, once I found ShopAtHome.com, I knew it was a match made in heaven. [Read more…]

Epic Budget Failure: When Everything Goes Wrong

failedI try to be an open book about our budgeting process.  For example, I post our monthly zero-sum budget each month and do my best to share the ups and downs as the month goes on.

And most of the time, there is honestly nothing exciting to report.

Sure, we occasionally dip into our miscellaneous category for excess grocery spending here and there.  And yes, we are sometimes stuck eating boxed food and can goods for a few days towards the end of the month.  And everyone once in a while I forget to budget for some random expense and end up transferring an additional $50 over into my account to pay for it.  [Read more…]