Using Videoconferencing to Reach Customers

video conferencingEvery customer wants to feel as if they’re buying from the authority in an industry. They like the feeling that they can trust the people they purchase from and you can make sure your clients feel that way about your company once you begin using videoconferencing for webinars.  This is perfect for you to get the word out to a huge group of people all at once, according to Social Media Examiner. [Read more…]

Why Do People Choose to Be Car Poor?

debt slaveJust last week, Kim at Eyes on the Dollar wrote about how her local newspaper was advertising six-year car loans for Honda Civics.  Gasp. 

For heaven’s sake, my oldest daughter just turned five and learned how to walk, talk, and write during that time.  I can’t imagine having to pay a monthly car payment for the duration of her life or longer.  That….is…..soooooooooooooooooooo….long.  Of course, it doesn’t help that I absolutely hate car paymentsBut I digress. [Read more…]

How We’re Going to Jamaica For FREE Next Year

Here we are with our Canadian friends in Jamaica....

Here we are with our Canadian friends in Jamaica….

Hey party people!  I’m currently in the midst of planning my family’s 2015 vacations and I thought I would share a little of my mad planning skillz with you.  Are you excited?  Yes?  Good. 

Now sit back and relax while I tell you how I plan to take my husband and kids to Montego Bay for Spring Break 2015 without paying anything at all.  (Okay, maybe I’ll pay a little bit).  Anyway, here’s how we’re going to Jamaica for free….and how you can do the same. [Read more…]

Fun Ways We’re Saving Money This Summer

dog in poolIt’s finally summertime, and I’ll tell you one way are NOT saving money this summer.  We are not turning off the air conditioner and sweating our asses off to save a buck.  I grew up with parents who watched the thermostat like Nazis and refused to turn on the air conditioning until we were all about to melt, so I know how that works.  (Love you, mom…XOXOXO).  But this is my house now and I am more than happy to pay an extra $50 per month to sit in cool comfort while we all work and play.  Call if lifestyle inflation if you want.  Hell, call me wasteful.  I don’t care. [Read more…]

Cash Money: $5,370 in May Income and Life Updates

income updateI know what you’re thinking.  My monthly income update is late…again.  I’m sorry.  I’ll try harder next month.  Maybe.

May was another decent month, although I wish my earnings were slightly higher.  The problem is, I’ve hit somewhat of a plateau in terms of how much I can earn.  If I want to earn more from my freelance writing jobs, I need to either raise my rates or pursue more writing jobs.  Neither option sounds like a good one.  I’m currently trying to convince my website to earn more money as well, but you simply cannot force these things.  They have to happen over time. [Read more…]

How to Fail at Gardening

DSCF3516Earlier this year, Greg and I decided to plant our first vegetable garden as a couple.  As you would expect, we were super-duper pumped. We don’t eat meat and we eat a ton of vegetables, so we hoped that planting a garden would yield a huge bounty of delicious food and reduce our grocery bill.  It’s still too early in the season to say we’ve been successful on that front, but I do believe we’ll harvest some delicious food at some point.  However, we made many (many!!) mistakes that I wanted to share with anyone else who might be considering starting a vegetable garden for the first time. [Read more…]