Where to Buy and Sell Art

nancy noel

The Nancy Noel gallery in Zionsville, Indiana…

A lot of people don’t know this, but I am slightly obsessed with art.  Note: I am interested in different kinds of art, but usually too cheap to buy it.  My favorite artist by far is Nancy Noel.  She paints angels…the most beautiful angels you’ve ever seen.  And, even though I’m not all that religious, I absolutely love beautiful angels for some reason.  I’m sure it confuses people who know me, but I just happen to find angels alluring and whimsical.  Sue me… [Read more...]

Credit Card Denied? Try This…

deniedEarlier this week, I wrote about how much I love credit card rewards and how we usually have anywhere from 20-40 cards at any given time.  That probably sounds like an overwhelming number of cards, but it’s not that hard to keep track of it all with a simple spreadsheet.  On a regular ol’ sheet of paper, I have a list of every card we have, which one of us signed up for it, when we signed up, and when the annual fee kicks in.  Then, when I do cancel the card, I write down the cancellation date in a separate column.  Boom. [Read more...]

Car Payments Suck

car paymentThe other day, I shared how my minivan got a giant crack in the bumper (Greg probably did it) without my knowledge, and how we chose to ignore the Joneses and fix it with duct tape.  Despite the fact that I didn’t make any disparaging remarks about people who finance new or used vehicles, I received this comment:


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Why We’ll Never Be the Joneses

DSCF3426Just the other day, I noticed a giant crack stretching across the entire front bumper of my periwinkle minivan.  I didn’t really care how it looked, but it did stress me out a little.  After all, I didn’t want it to fall off, drag against the ground, or cause an accident.

When my husband got home, I asked him what he thought we should do.

“It’s a nice car,” he said.  “We should probably get it fixed.” [Read more...]

Obsessed: 4 Reasons I Love Credit Card Rewards

armchair quarterbackAt any given time, my husband and I have anywhere between 20 and 40 credit cards and upwards of $200,000 in available credit.  Call me crazy if you want to.  Call me obsessed, preoccupied, or insane.  I’ll wear that shit like a badge of honor.  In fact, I’m not the least bit ashamed.

Why I Love Credit Card Rewards

The truth is, credit card rewards happen to be my hobby.  In a lot of ways, I’m similar to someone who watches sports incessantly, the only difference being that credit card rewards actually have a point.  Yeah, I went there.  Unlike rooting for your favorite team every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night with a jersey on and hot wing sauce dripping down your chin, an obsession with credit card rewards can be lucrative, and even life-changing.  Want to know why I love credit card rewards so much?  Here’s why: [Read more...]

Frugal Ways to Tour Vienna

viennaIf you’ve been dreaming of an epic European vacation, then it might be time to set your sights on Vienna, Austria. There are so many tour packages that you can enjoy while there.  For one, Vienna city breaks are great options for tourists who want to enjoy the cultural and romantic attractions in and around Vienna.  The good news is, there are plenty of ways to experience this stunning city without emptying your bank account. [Read more...]