How Do You Like to Be Paid?

do some workWhen I was in my early 20’s, I did all kinds of jobs.  Good jobs.  Shitty jobsJobs I loved.  Jobs I endured.  My least favorite job was at a group home for intellectually-challenged adults…..but it’s not what you think!  I actually loved the residents who lived there and learned a lot from them. [Read more…]

Do You Feel Comfortable Sharing Your Income?

oprahI had a lot of awkward conversations when I was pregnant, but there is one I simply cannot forget.  Let’s start with the back story, shall we? 

It was 2009, and I was 7 or 8 months pregnant and working as the Family Services Director at the locally-owned funeral home. We weren’t living a life of luxury by any means, but we were happy, healthy, and extremely excited about having our first child.  We were also bringing in about $90,000 per year, which is a huge chunk of cash for a small family living in the rural Midwest. [Read more…]

Turn Your Dream Vacation Into a Reality

dream vacationPlease enjoy this post from Linda Evans.  Linda Evans is an American in love with all things European. When she’s not globe-trotting she enjoys home life, baking, wine and friends. [Read more…]

How to Change Your Money Habits

money habitsWhether it is soul-crushing debt or not having enough money to meet our needs, few things can stress us out quite like financial problems.  If you are like many people, your issues do not stem from true poverty, but rather from bad financial habits that are so deeply ingrained you don’t even realize the full extent to which they are affecting you. [Read more…]

Want to see Europe for FREE? Do This.

milanThere are so many places I want to see in the world, and – as a travel writer – I’m always scheming different ways to get there.  I could pay with real money, of course, but who wants to do that?

Psshhhhtttt….. [Read more…]

Why Used Stuff is Better Than New

DSCF3392A few days ago, my daughter got ketchup all over her brand new shirt.  Let me rephrase that. 

My daughter wiped her ketchup-covered hands all over her white shirt and rubbed it in. 

In an effort to save it, I pulled the shirt off her tiny body right there at the dinner table and immediately started the stain-treating process.

Unfortunately, several rounds of bleach and Oxi-Clean yielded no results, and I was left with a white shirt with pink splotches.  So I did what any other mom would do.  I cut it up into dust rags and moved on with my day. [Read more…]