Club Thrifty May Budget Breakdown: I Want to Cry


Apparently, my new backyard needs mulch. Who comes up with this stuff?

Unfortunately, April was not a cheap month for the Johnson household.  However, it was mainly due to the fairly-frugal vacation we took to Florida and the expenses that resulted from it.  On the other hand, our vacation budget was an epic fail.  I budgeted $600 for gas to Florida and back, groceries, and entertainment, and we went over by $124!  I guess that isn’t so bad, but we could’ve done better.  I know I certainly could’ve done without a few of the delicious meals we enjoyed.  I haven’t weighed myself, but I’m feeling a little chunky today.  Boooooooooooo…. [Read more...]

Keeping Up With the Joneses: Our Frugal Yard Remodel

DSCF3355Good morning, party people.  I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaackkk. 

I know, I know.  You missed me, and it’s totally understandable.  The good news is, we enjoyed our vacation in Florida and returned home rejuvenated and refreshed.  As usual, going on vacation gave us time to brainstorm all kinds of ideas on how to save money (and make more money, of course).  It was awesome. [Read more...]

We’re On Vacation

DSCF3300In case you’ve been wondering why I’ve been MIA, we’re still on vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida.  And so far, we’ve been pretty lazy.  We’ve enjoyed some good meals, swam in the ocean and pools, and played on the beach.  We also went on a private dolphin cruise for my daughter’s fifth birthday…and it was awesome!  We didn’t get to swim with the dolphins because the water was so choppy, but we still had plenty of fun.  Here are some pictures from our trip so far: [Read more...]

Should Credit Card Issuers Offer Free FICO Scores?

ficoSince I’m trying to enjoy myself on vacation, I lined up some other excellent writers for the next few days.  Please enjoy this post from William Charles, who blogs over at Doctor of Credit. William is a consumer credit advocate that regularly blogs about FICO scores.

For those who don’t know, a lot of credit card issuers have begun offering free FICO scores to their card holders (Walmart, FNBO, Discover & Barclaycard have all been offering this under the FICO open access program). As a consumer credit advocate, I’ve been pushing for more credit card companies to offer free credit scores for a long time. [Read more...]

Vacation for FREE with Starwood Preferred Guest AMEX

FloridaBeachThere are a lot of reasons that the Starwood Preferred American Express card should be in every traveler’s wallet.  In fact, the SPG program offers one of the easiest ways to redeem free rooms in international locations all over the world.  Want to know more?

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All We Have Is Time

cemeteryA lot of people don’t know this, but I spent over six years working in a mortuary with my husband.  It’s true.  It was just a strange twist of fate, really.  I was considering a new job at the same time they were looking for someone to work in the office.  Looking back, I’m so glad that we found each other.

I quickly learned to love that job, not only because of the perks, but because of the people.  Since I sat at the front desk, I met every family that came through the door.  I learned their stories, and I helped them in every way that I possibly could.  [Read more...]