Cash Money: $5,331 in July Income and Blog Updates

cash moneyIt’s been a fun summer in the Johnson household, and I’m extremely sad that it is coming to an end.  I love fall and everything, but I absolutely hate winter.  I once thought it was weird that old people migrated south during the winter months, but now I totally get it.

Winter sucks, and old people are geniuses! [Read more…]

Why You Need to Choose Your MBA Concentration Carefully

mbaFor several years, “experts” have been sounding the alarm that MBAs are “obsolete.” Based on declines in the number of business school admissions applications, some believe that MBA degrees are no longer desirable and no longer a necessary stepping stone on the path of career success. While this decades-old dilemma is certain to continue — and proponents of advanced business degrees will continue to tout their benefits, which go well beyond financial and career gains — there’s a new debate raging within the world of business education: How specialized should a degree be? [Read more…]

What to Do if You Are Morally Opposed to Tipping Servers

tipping serversI recently stumbled upon an entire blog post about people who dislike tipping servers.  And I get it.  Going out to eat isn’t cheap to begin with, and tipping your server can make the price of your meal climb considerably.

Add that to the fact that it is sometimes hard to know how much to tip.  For example, is the standard tip still 15 percent?  Or is it 20?  Also, how much should you tip at a buffet?  I usually err on the side of not being an asshole, but I can see how the whole act of tipping could be confusing to some people. [Read more…]

Watch Out for Scams on

expediaI have been a big fan of online booking site Expedia for nearly a decade, and have used it to book thousands of dollars in airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, and more.  I’ve used it so much that I currently have $225 built up in my Expedia Rewards account, which is quite a bit when you consider how long those points take to earn.

Still, I recently encountered an issue with them that infuriates me- bait and switch pricing. [Read more…]

How I Made $200 This Week for Doing Nothing

free moneyI get a lot of banking offers in the mail.  Unfortunately, most of them want me to set up some sort of direct deposit, which is almost impossible for us since we have to have direct deposit at our current bank (Chase) in order to qualify for free checking.  I could, of course, switch banks every 6 months to take advantage of some of these offers, but I usually have better things to do.


But I always check out any banking offers I get in the mail anyway, just in case they have reasonable terms and come with a big, fat bonus.  Fortunately, I got one of the mail last week that met the criteria, and I was all over it. [Read more…]

5 Ridiculous Things I Won’t Be Buying This Week

Don't shred your hard-earned dollars by buying any of this junk!

Don’t shred your hard-earned dollars by buying any of this junk!

It’s been a long and awful week at the Club Thrifty household already, which is pretty strange since it is only Wednesday.

What can I say? 

I’m burnt out, I’m tired, and I’m counting on our upcoming cruise to melt my troubles away.  With that being said, I thought it would be fun to keep things light for a change and talk about some of the ridiculous things I’ve seen for sale recently.  We all know that people are terrible with money, but I still find it surprising when people blow their hard-earned cash on pure crap.  Here are 5 ridiculous things I won’t be buying this week: [Read more…]