Backpacking Orlando On a Budget

FloridaBeachI know, I know.  I wrote about how I refuse to take my family to Disney World a few months ago, and I haven’t changed my mind.  However, there is still plenty of things to do in Orlando that have nothing to do with perverted hidden messages in children’s films or giant (scary) people-sized characters.  Want to know more?  Check out this post for how you can see Orlando on a budget. [Read more...]

Europe for Cheap: How to Travel Abroad for $200

londonEveryone thinks you’re a baller when you can go to Europe just for the hell of it.  I mean, international travel is so darn expensive, am I right?  To start with, long-haul flights can be extremely costly.  And hotels?  Forget about it.  Fortunately, you don’t actually have to pay for your airfare -or even your hotel- if you don’t want to.  Yes, I’m serious, and to prove it, I’m totally going to Europe for less than $200 bucks this fall. Here’s how:

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Your Child Will Need Student Loans

student loan debtPlease enjoy this post from staff writer, Mitchell Pauly.  If you’re interested in hearing more from Mitchell, he blogs over at

Annually, 20 million hungover young adults graduate college and move on to a miserable like the rest of us.  Of these 20 million, roughly 12 million (60%) will carry some form of student loan debt[1].  And they’re not alone.  There are currently 37 million people in the United States with outstanding student loan debt, which is roughly the same amount of people as the entire population of California.  With the rising costs of higher education ballooning upward like McDonald’s calorie counts, it’s become a safe bet that student loan balances will only continue to rise.  In fact, I would bet on it: Your child will need student loans[2]. [Read more...]

How Would You Spend $6,500?

uncle samAs many of you know, 2013 was my first year of self-employment.  And for the most part, it’s been awesome.  I made plenty of money, did all kinds of fun jobs, and had my writing featured in places like Lifehacker and Fox News.  It’s been epic.  But, despite all of my successes, I managed to roll out one epic fail.  It’s confession time, folks, and I share this shameful admission with a heavy heart.

So here it is…..*cue tears* [Read more...]

Club Thrifty March 2014 Budget Breakdown

las vegas“Isn’t spring supposed to be here?”  That’s what my oldest daughter keeps asking as we continue to endure record-low temperatures, bitter air, and snowstorms on a weekly basis.  One night this weekend was in the 50′s and it felt like a heat wave.  My kids were outside riding their bikes and the dog was running around like he owned the place.  I am so glad that it is getting warm enough to venture outside for more than the mail.  We’re getting cabin fever over here! [Read more...]

My Frugal Kitchen Remodel

DSCF2906As everybody knows, we bought our forever home early this year and have been renovating it ever since.  And aside from hanging things up on the wall, I think we’re finally done.  Whew.  It has been a ton of work.  I mean, we literally painted every single room in this house, in addition to all of the other projects we completed.  I’m so glad that it’s finally over and I’m more than ready to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

One of the biggest projects we completed was our frugal kitchen remodel.  This is how the kitchen looked when we started: [Read more...]