Obamacare: What Happens Next?

NEWOn March of 2010, the passage of Obamacare established a new set of rules and mandates that would change the way the American health insurance market works.

Since then, the new healthcare law has been implemented in stages. And, if the current numbers are correct, as many as 7 million people signed up for new health insurance plan through either a state exchange or the federal insurance marketplace up to this point.  Most people would call that a success. However, not everyone is celebrating….yet.

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  1. LeRainDrop says

    “But, will the average family end up saving $2,500 per year as President Obama repeatedly promised? Will rising costs curb dramatically as more people gain coverage and receive preventative care? As it currently stands, the jury is still out there.”

    Great overview, Holly. I’ll give the simple form of my view here: What we’ve seen so far is mostly bad. Jury is only still out there on whether it is overall bad or very bad.

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