Making a House a Home

Transforming a house into a warm and cozy home is not just about the right wall colour or a perfectly symmetrical furniture. It involves a lot more.  The right décor, lighting, and flooring can really make a house feel like a home. However, each of these things needs to be coordinated well. Here are a few simple ways through which you can turn your house into a warm and inviting place where you truly feel at home.

1) Enliven the place with pictures.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Pictures also add a personal touch when they are put up on walls or tables. Family collages, travel pictures or those of fun times you spent with your friends have a little bit of ‘you’ in each of them. And when you put them up, they help put your stamp in your home. Change the pictures regularly to keep the freshness alive.

2) Display your collections.

If you are fond of collecting something, display them; irrespective of whether those items are stamps, vintage postcards or any other antique item. Displaying your interests can turn a nondescript room into an expression of you.

3) Buy some art.

Buy décor or art pieces that you like and not because they coordinate or match with the furnishing or furniture of your home. Not only will it speak volumes about your personality. It will also make your senses come alive.

4) Don’t forget the floors.

Invest in area rugs and other flooring options, as they have a great impact on how your home looks and feel. A nice rug can really make a room pop. Using a great rug over a dull floor can really change the feeling of a room.

5) Add some plants.

Plants make a home feel truly permanent and welcoming. You can put up plants in a hanging basket and even get some beautiful indoor plants. Fresh flowers kept in vases in the corners of the rooms help create a fragrant aura in your home.

6) Let the kids decorate.

If you have kids, display their work of art around the house. Nothing says home like some drawings hanging on your refrigerator.

7) Change the lighting.

Adding a couple of wall sconces to a room completely changes its dynamic. Various lighting styles, such as traditional, contemporary, transitional, and organic, can alter the look of a room for a relatively low cost. If you want your living room to take visitors to the past, a traditional looking wall light can do wonders. Likewise, contemporary lighting helps create a futuristic look. Retailers like Savoy House Lights carry a wide selection of lighting options that will help you to make your house into the home of which you have always dreamed.

Whichever method you prefer to brighten and rejuvenate your house, remember to add your personal touch to each room in your home. Each house needs those unique finishing touches that make it feel personal, different and relaxing. After all, this should be the place which gives you the ultimate feeling of peace and relaxation.


  1. says

    My wife has a real knack for this. It can be a couple pillows or a little color (towels or flowers) in the bathroom or kitchen. Candles (particularly scented) seem to add to the atmosphere too. I think it is add personality to a structure otherwise it is just 4 walls etc.

  2. says

    For me its adding a personal touch after all the furnitures are in place, like putting up pictures on the wall, hanging up the curtains and decorate with candles. and finally, start baking something good in the kitchen so that the entire apartment smells like homemade cookies or something. then it`s a home!

  3. says

    Adding personal touch is the way to make a house a home in my opinion. You can go to these open houses when looking to buy and the sellers remove the “personal” touch from their home to make it house so potential buyers can envision the house as their own home… it all makes sense to me. Mr.CBB

  4. says

    We’ve noticed that just having a decent amount of furniture makes your house feel a lot more “homey.” We have a HUGE living room and there is a lot of empty space which causes it to not feel cozy whatsoever.

  5. Brian says

    I do love getting some nice art (just got my wife a nice piece for Christmas). I would love to show more of my coin collection, but I don’t like it just sitting out in the open that much. It’s kind of stinks that I have these beautiful old coins and barely show them off since I would be pretty crushed if they just disappeared…

  6. says

    We are horrible at decorating, so I finally convinced Cheryl to get a decorator for this house. What an amazing improvement. Because he was able to get huge discounts on the expensive stuff AND knew how to shop estate sales, he easily paid for himself. The focal points of our home are things that cost us less than $10 but are one-of-a-kind things that we would have never identified.

  7. says

    I remember our insurance agent making the comment that we should photograph all our decorations and belongings in case of an emergency. That is something that most people would probably not think about until it is too late.

  8. says

    The art on the walls was a big milestone for us in decorating our own house. I like the idea of letting the kids decorate. I don’t have any children, but if you do they help create a warmer, more memorable home.

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