So You Want to Win the “Lawsuit Lottery”?


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So You Want to Win the "Lawsuit Lottery"?As a naïve kid, I dreamed about becoming rich by winning a lottery. When that dream vanished after a series of failed scratch-off tickets, my focus shifted on making quick, easy money.

It’s too bad I wasn’t born into it like a Lannister. The thought of inheriting family’s wealth had lingered in my mind ever since I was old enough to understand what inheritance meant.

“Oh well,” I thought. “There must be other ways to become rich fast.”

Let’s see, what else can I try here?


Quick Ways to Riches


  • Inheritance – darn it, I blame my parents and their parents for not making me filthy rich.
  • Win a lottery – with my luck I might as well throw that money away.
  • Count cards in blackjack – forget it.
  • Marry into it – I love my wife, but she’s no millionaire.
  • Reach for the stars, design the next Facebook – who am I kidding here?


Is it possible that there is no quick way to riches?

But … wait… that’s it! Maybe I could get ran over by a truck and claim millions in punitive damages!

Seeing how people were winning millions from what must have been frivolous lawsuits, the thought lingered in my mind.

No, I wasn’t about to jump in front of a truck in hopes of surviving to win a miraculous trial and live rich for the rest of my life. But, the thought of others actually doing that made me wonder what it must feel like to make such decision.

It wasn’t until I began working at an actual law firm that I learned the harsh realities of so-called “lawsuit lottery.”


It’s Neither Quick or Easy

If you are “lucky” (should you consider yourself that) enough to win millions in the lawsuit lottery through an injury verdict, you can put a check mark next to every one of these items:


  • Survived a terrible accident.
  • … Make that barely survived a terrible accident.
  • Suffered insurmountable amount of pain, the type that no human being should ever experience.
  • Became disabled for the rest of your life by losing a limb, several limbs, became immobile through paralysis or worse.
  • Lost all ability to enjoy the things you used to enjoy in life.
  • Braved through a trial knowing that if your lawyer didn’t show just how gory your injuries are, you may get nothing. Zero.
  • Possibly waited through years of appeals when defense claimed your award to be outrageous and challenged it to a higher court.
  • Faced the possibility of that higher court reducing your award, increasing it or ordering a retrial.
  • Tried living a normal life while not knowing whether the retrial would pay for your mounting medical bills, or leave you homeless.


“Gee!” – I thought. “I’d rather take my chances with stupid tax #5.”


Pity, Not Envy

Today, whenever I hear of people winning multi-million dollar lawsuit verdicts in injury cases, I don’t think “Those lucky bastards!”

I shake my head and wonder what kind of suffering they had to endure, and just how sad it must feel to have all that money and not be able to enjoy it, or enjoy life for that matter.


Save More, Spend Less, Start Living

If there are other ways to become rich fast – I’m all ears. For now, I’ll spare myself the pain and agony of being disabled in pursuit of riches. Instead, I’ll follow advice of people like Holly and Greg – save more, spend less, get out of debt and start living.

Would you really like to win the lawsuit lottery? Is it worth it?



Gene promotes personal safety on behalf of injury lawyer Vibhu Talwar. Contact him on twitter to guest post on your blog.



  1. Why not shoot for the stars. I think every one should at least give it a try. Ok, you may not create the next face book but you may create the next clubthrifty. If Holly and Greg dint try to shoot for the stars, we may not have such an awesome resource today.
    Rohit @The Money Mail recently posted..The Money Mail Carnival – Third EditionMy Profile

    • I suppose it’s possible. After all, if people weren’t constantly reaching for the stars we’d have no innovation right? My thought was most likely fixed on the idea that only a few great stories such as that of Apple and Facebook come out of millions of ambitious minds out there. But who’s to say everyone wants to make the next Facebook or build a company like Apple. You make a good point Rohit.
      Gene recently posted..Public vs. Private Bus Carriers, What’s the Difference?My Profile

  2. You would have to be pretty desperate to attempt to make money this way.
    Surely the risk of being seriously injured would outweigh the possible financial returns.
    Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted..6 Things You Should be Spending Money onMy Profile

  3. Litigation frequently takes years rather than months to resolve. It is designed only to put you back into the same position you were in before the accident or mishap. Count me out!
    James @ Free in Ten Years recently posted..The true cost of eating out at workMy Profile

  4. I’d have to echo James and Glen and say tht you’d have to count me out. The time it would take plus the likely injury on my part would not be worth it.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Be an Advocate For Your Own Health CareMy Profile

    • It’s a terrible thing to have to consider such actions in the first place. I can understand people being desperate for money, but to use your own body without knowing what might happen is just nuts. The big problem is that people hear the headlines of someone getting x amount of millions for an injury and think they can do the same. It’s called insurance fraud – it’s illegal and insane. Good call John.
      Gene recently posted..Public vs. Private Bus Carriers, What’s the Difference?My Profile

  5. I have such mixed feelings on this as we’re in the middle of our own dispute with the woman who rear-ended me. I think she (or her insurance company) *should* have to compensate me for my medical bills that I will likely incur over the next 5-10 years as it can be that long or longer until my injury heals. (If it ever does…)
    Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies recently posted..Our First Ever Spending CleanseMy Profile

  6. Great post ! It’s so true that these people really aren’t lucky ! Usually their million dollars means their husband/wife/child died in an accident, or something else awful. My friend in high school won a six-figure lawsuit because someone hit him with a car. He hurt his knee I think, was in a wheelchair for at least a few months in high school, and had multiple surgeries to correct the injury which I’m sure is NEVER going to be perfect. I doubt he can ever go running like I can. I don’t envy him at all.

    I still hate my parents for not being rich though. :P just kidding! I decided a long time ago I am happy I wasn’t born into wealth, because I doubt I’d be as hard of a worker if I was!
    Gillian @ Money After Graduation recently posted..Unfrugal confessions of a normal spender in the PF blogosphereMy Profile

  7. I really don’t get jealous of those who win millions in lawsuits, because of the very reasons you just described. The process is probably grueling – I wouldn’t want to have to go through it not knowing whether I would be compensated, and most don’t. Thanks for shedding some light on a generally misunderstood topic!
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted..Our Cultural Split-Personality: Frugality and ConsumerismMy Profile

  8. I was in a terrible accident once and by some sort of miracle walked away with just a minor concussion. My car basically smashed in half when I was rearended by a flat bed truck whose brakes failed (they estimated he was going about 50mph when he hit me). while I was just sitting at a stop light. I got real lucky that when I went through the intersection there was somehow no cross traffic (which NEVER happens at that intersection).

    In the end, even if I had sued and won (I would have won no problem) there was no way that guy was going to be able to pay me anything, he had nothing. I just count my blessings I walked away and my insurance company gave me a reasonable amount for my totally car. And if you are wondering, I still have the pictures to this day and was really glad I decided to drive instead of ride my motorcycle.

    • Brian, wow, you were really fortunate. I’m both amazed and happy that you’re alive! Unfortunately sometimes there is little an injured person can recover in terms of compensation from the driver of the opposite vehicle. If they have no assets there may not be anything to go after. Especially if they file for bankruptcy. However, many real cases that involve such accidents spur from auto defects or some other sort of defect where the driver is not the only person liable. When I started working at the law firm I realized that its ALWAYS best to call a lawyer if you’ve been in an accident. At the very least, you’ll get some advice on what you should do. Injury attorneys typically don’t charge for consultations because some cases are not worth anything like you say. They’ll listen to your situation and generally guide you without taking you on as a client. To me, this sort of free advice is much better than making my own assumptions about my injuries. Having learned this, I always advice my friends and family to follow this advice of contacting a lawyer. Even if there are no “millions” to be recovered you may still get more with help from an attorney than without (even after the legal fees – typically 30% for settling and 40% if the case goes to court).
      Gene recently posted..Public vs. Private Bus Carriers, What’s the Difference?My Profile

  9. For every 1 idiot that somehow scores 1 million dollar because they spilled hot coffee on themselves their seems to be 100 people who suffer life altering injuries and don’t see a dime. It doesn’t seem right.
    Mandy @MoneyMasterMom recently posted..It’s only a deal if you need it (Black Friday Tip #1)My Profile

  10. I have no interest in winning a lawsuit as that obviously means something terrible happened to you! On the flip side, my grandma just won $10,000 (two weeks ago) on a $20 scratch off. Needless to say she was ecstatic.
    Jason recently posted..Understanding the Basics of Deferred AnnuitiesMy Profile

  11. I agree with you to some extent. While there are many that get the right amount of money for their suffering and injuries, there are many more that get money for just being stupid. Somehow stupid wins in most cases. Have you seen the labeling system these days? Everything requires multiple labels because of stupid people. It has become ridiculous.
    Grayson @ Debt RoundUp recently posted..6 Ways to Cut Back on Living ExpensesMy Profile

    • Grayson, there’s no doubt some cases are stupid and frivolous and that few result in ridiculous payouts for no good reason at all. Believe it or not the labeling argument is highly disputed in the legal community. There is a lot of discussion on how far is too far when it comes to labeling and product warning, but to a person who buys products for consumption – I personally would choose 100 labels on my product box than not be warned whatsoever of a possible risk. This is a topic worth discussing in a 2000 word post to be honest, but you make a good point nevertheless.
      Gene recently posted..Public vs. Private Bus Carriers, What’s the Difference?My Profile

  12. I hope I never see the inside of a courtroom other than for jury duty if I get called. I read an article about that model who walked into an airplane propeller and lost an eye and an arm. It said she got a settlement, but I bet she’d much rather have her vision and limb back if she could.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..How Do You Prepare A Budget With Irregular Income?My Profile

  13. We occasionally will buy a scratch-off ticket, just for fun. I think the most we’ve ever won is $5. But we aren’t serious about it. Even if it’s a dollar, I’m happy.
    Mackenzie recently posted..Breakfast Muffins With Cinnamon SugarMy Profile

  14. Remember the infamous McDonald’s coffee suit? “Warning: Coffee May Be Hot.”

    I think sometimes people survive traumatic things, and they do deserve their day in court and proper compensation. But sometimes people are just major idiots and get a good enough lawyer to have someone else pay for their unfortunate amount of brain cells.
    femmefrugality recently posted..How the NHL Lockout effects the Local EconomyMy Profile

    • Yep, we all remember that one :) These sort of cases are the exact problem with laws sometimes. A few ridiculous lawsuits make all injury lawyers look like scumbags. In reality, even though injustice has been done, most lawyers really care for their clients. The place I work now has some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I had a very similar opinion about stupid lawsuits and the amount of money some people get by being involved with them, but when I hear about someone getting justly compensated for some terrible injury I just have to praise their lawyer for doing right by them. Seriously, they’re good folks.
      Gene recently posted..Public vs. Private Bus Carriers, What’s the Difference?My Profile

  15. I would never wish for that. I think one thing that has happened is that we have become cynical about these cases because there are so many case you hear about in the news where people are just suing for stupid reasons. Where THEY have brought certain things upon themselves. Or even certain malpractice cases. It gives the people who really need it and deserve it a bad name.
    Budget and the Beach recently posted..Falling in love again with your stuffMy Profile

    • Precisely! Such lawsuits overshadow important ones and are unfairly categorized by the public in the same category. Only when the tables turn that we can fully appreciate professional help from someone who cares about what’s going on with our lives. This is the reason I wanted to write about it, so that anyone who has a predisposed opinion on this issue can consider looking at it from a different perspective.
      Gene recently posted..3.9 Million Judgment for Boy Who Lost Leg ReversedMy Profile

  16. Another way that is similar to suing for money is to attempt to get injured on the job and receive workman’s comp. A woman, who had a habit of getting injured on the job, walked in front of my father-in-law’s hi-lo. He hit her, but they had it on camera and it showed that she intentionally tried to get hit. (I guess there are sectioned off roads for the hi-los, to protect people).
    The lady lost her job and got sued because she wanted to make an “easy” buck.
    Justin@thefrugalpath recently posted..Frugal Lifestyle: Why Bother?My Profile

  17. People purposefully jump in front of cars now? Pretty devious. What the ‘eff is wrong with people?
    Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy recently posted..A Lovely Family Portrait and a Canvas Print GiveawayMy Profile

  18. I can tell you that counting cards in blackjack is not an easy way to get rich for the average person. I can do it, quite well actually, but you need to have the means to risk a ton of money in order to win a ton of money. Plus, casinos these days have too many defense mechanisms to guard against card counters.

    I have no interest in winning a lawsuit lottery. Unless it is a lawsuit against casinos that crack down on card counters. Counting cards is neither cheating not illegal. Casinos just don’t like to lose the unfair advantage that they hold.

    As for getting rich quick. I absolutely believe in it and strive for it every day. Just not in a scheme-y our scam-y kind of way. I’ll let you know when I find something that works.
    Matthew Allen recently posted..My Niche Blog Curated Content StrategyMy Profile

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