How to Earn $800 for Doing Nothing

Keepin' It Classy.....

Keepin’ It Classy…..

Next month, Greg and I will celebrate eight years of marriage.  And, a lot has happened during that time.  Eight years ago, we were getting ready for our winter wedding and preparing to move in together for the very first time.  We lived in a funeral home for the first year of our marriage.  Then we bought a house, had kids, and all that other stuff.  Man, eight years really flew right by and – BOOM – here we are, in our mid-thirties and getting older by the day.

Anyway, our anniversary is coming up and we decided to go BIG for our celebration.  That’s right, folks.  We got an overnight babysitter (on a Tuesday), Greg took a vacation day (on a Wednesday), and we’re getting the hell out of dodge.  Where, you ask? 

First, we’re going to eat dinner at a restaurant called Asian Grill (I have a buy-one-get-one-free coupon).  After that, we’re going to stay at the nicest place in town, the Super 8.  Oh, and we totally got a Jacuzzi room.  Giggity. 

Oh, and our $124 per night room was absolutely free. 

Actually, the $124 travel credit for our room is just part of $800 we earned recently by signing up for the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard (affiliate link).  And here’s how you can do it too.

Earn $800 For Doing Nothing

You need to sign up for the card and spend $1,000 in three months.  Just make sure to pay your balance in full so you’re not stuck paying interest like a damn fool.  If you need ideas on how to spend $1,000 on your credit card, try these:

  • groceries
  • gas
  • Christmas gifts
  • car insurance
  • gym memberships

If you put groceries and gas on your card, it shouldn’t take long to spend $1,000.  Once you hit the $1,000 spending limit, you earn 40,000 bonus miles that equal out to a $400 travel credit (actually $440 since you get 1 point per $1 spent in addition to the bonus).  Anyway, once you churn your card, you just have to make your husband, wife, or significant other sign up for the card as well.

And BOOM, you’ve got $800 (actually $880!!!) in travel credit that can be redeemed for any hotel, airline, or on any travel website.  That’s a pretty good deal, I think, since you’re going to have to buy groceries, gas, and car insurance anyways.  You might as well hook yourself up, am I right?

Oh, and if you hate travel for some reason, you can always turn your miles in for gift cards.  According to their rewards chart, 40,000 miles can be redeemed for $200 in gift cards for places like Walmart, Outback Steakhouse, Lowe’s, and Home Depot.

So, there it is.  That’s how to earn $800 for doing nothing.

Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Have you churned the Barclaycard World Arrival MasterCard yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?

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  1. Gotta love those rewards cards! They make it so easy to get some pretty decent cash.

    Have fun on your weekend get-away!
    MMD @ My Money Design recently posted..Tax Deferred vs Taxable Retirement Income Strategies, Take 2 – A Much More Substantial Difference!My Profile

  2. The Super8 is the nicest place in town? I’m so sorry… =)

    After all the identity theft craziness earlier this year, we’re finally trying out our first churns now.
    Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies recently posted..We’re Vested… Now What?My Profile

  3. I love it! No easier way to make money. Hope you have a great night on the town and congrats on eight years (did that influence your choice of hotels?)
    GamingYourFinances recently posted..Save Money During The HolidaysMy Profile

  4. Happy anniversary! I am amazed as well how quickly time flies the older I get…seemed to speed up more when kids came along and became active themselves.
    Brian @ Luke1428 recently posted..What Good Is Freedom When You’re Told What To Do With It?My Profile

  5. Happy Anniversary! This is actually a really awesome deal that I should consider taking advantage of. I’ve been meaning to check out the Barclay MasterCard, just haven’t gotten around to it.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted..Should You Switch Jobs Every Two Years?My Profile

  6. Wow, props to you two for both the anniversary and the rewards deal! Pretty nice to have made that money just by swiping a card (love the line about paying it off in full too). Have a great week!
    Broke Millennial recently posted..Yes, You Do Need an Emergency Fund (talking to you, indebted millennials)My Profile

  7. I have yet to get that card and it is on my list since I don’t currently have any cards from Barclay’s at the moment (I will probably get the US Air card first since that looks like it is going away in the not to distant future). One of the really nice perks you aren’t mentioning is that it is a World Mastercard which actually covers rental car insurance in places like Israel, Ireland and Jamaica, where no other credit card will cover the insurance.

    The Super 8 huh? I feel like that is still nicer than Fantasuites and the Sybaris…

    • OMG, I was joking with Greg about the Fantasuites. Hehe. DEF not going back there. He works til 4 or 5 so we just decided to stay in Noblesville. Didn’t want to spend a lot of our date night driving somewhere cooler, like downtown.

      Aren’t you glad we didn’t end up in Carmel? You said you would be obligated to hate me if we did!

      • If you had moved to Carmel I would have started an anti club thrifty blog calling you charlatans because as we all know, there is zero thrift in carmel. :P

        I don’t get up to Noblesville much, but you do have a Pizza King up there and sometimes I just crave some Pizza King.

        • Yes, there is a Pizza King!

          Noblesville is nice. Hamilton county is expensive in general but Noblesville is much more reasonable than Fishers or Carmel. I like it!

          I’m actually thinking about hitting up the thrift stores in Carmel. I bet they get some nice stuff donated!

  8. Wow – now that is a truly, awesomely frugal anniversary getaway. I’m SO impressed! Happy, happy anniversary, and have a wonderful time!
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted..Moving Forward and Being ThankfulMy Profile

  9. Enjoy that time without your kids. I love my kids, but I would love to have just a day or two to turn things off and relax. It feels like you can never turn things off when you have little ones running around. Please tell me it gets a little easier as they get older (at least give us a break before the teenage years set in).
    Free Money Minute recently posted..What Contributes to Personal Economic Growth?My Profile

  10. Great reward to lock down.

    I just mentioned this to Joe over at Retireby40, but my best credit card reward lockdown was a roundtrip with the old B of A Hawaiian Airlines card. You definitely made out better with $880 in travel as the round trip is typically $600, but you will never see me complaining about a free round trip ticket to Hawaii.

    The Warrior
    The Warrior recently posted..30 Financial Lessons I’ve Learned in 30 YearsMy Profile

  11. I was just telling the hubs the other day that ever since I became a blogger I have become much more aware of the fact that we are not credit card savvy enough! I think we are going to have to apply for one of these and make it our “routine use” card because the rewards sound pretty awesome!
    Dee @ Color Me Frugal recently posted..Your house is about to explode: What do you grab?My Profile

  12. Early congrats on the anniversary Holly! Great work on the churn, I actually need to call them this week to redeem some of my points. :) It’s hard to beat $440 for spending $1,000. I’m looking for a new one to churn myself actually.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Is Black Friday Really Dead?My Profile

  13. Oh yeah.. The rewards credit cards..
    You gotta love ‘em.

    We did something similar recently for a Vegas weekend and it was so good to get away from the kiddies for a day or two and just be ourselves.. Kudos to you guys.
    jefferson @See Debt Run recently posted..The Flexible Spending Account Deadline: Use it or Lose it!My Profile

  14. Funny, this is he one credit card I applied for and was denied! It’s difficult getting a Barclays card, if you have too many credit inquiries… Sigh.

    AMEX Starwood cards are great as well, I LOVE Starwood properties. Just came back from Chicago and Sedona and got to stay at the Sheraton and Westin for FREE in the heart of downtown.

    Enjoy your anniversary!
    Fi Fighter recently posted..You Only Live Once (YOLO) Every 7 YearsMy Profile

  15. Wow, 8 years? Congrats! I’ve been meaning to get this card for a couple of months now and just keep procrastinating. With all the flights we have each year it will easily be worth it. Maybe I can use your link!
    Matt Becker recently posted..What is Rebalancing and Why is it Important?My Profile

  16. The Super 8 for 8 years of marriage, that’s cute! Hey, as long as there are no bugs, and it was free due to reward points, who cares. It’s a night away and that’s all that matters. I have been holding off on all the better credit cards because our expenses don’t meet the requirements for the bonuses. I’m not sure I could spend $1,000 in 3 months on cards, as my rent and student loans can’t be put on credit, and they’re my biggest expenses.
    E.M. recently posted..Are Remote Car Starters Worth It?My Profile

    • It’s actually a pretty nice Super 8 from the looks of it. Everything is nice up here!
      I don’t blame you for holding off. I just churn because it’s so easy to hit the minimum spends with our $500 monthly grocery spending, $200 in gas/miscellaneous, and $377 in health insurance.

  17. Great card to churn. I don’t churn cards, but I do know the rewards on that card are great!
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted..Virgin Mobile Review – No Contract Mobile ServiceMy Profile

  18. Happy anniversary! I have tried that card yet, but I just might now! :)
    Connie @ Savvy With Saving recently posted..The Twenty Dollar Trick: Does It Really Work?My Profile

  19. Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you have an awesome time!
    SavvyFinancialLatina recently posted..A Millenial’s Perspective: When Work Takes OverMy Profile

  20. Ha that’s an eye-catching title! Nice job! and happy early anniversary! I got the card from your link the last time you posted. I like it. I’m using that card the most right now.
    Budget and the Beach recently posted..1/2 Marathon Training Diaries-Week 4My Profile

  21. Happy Anniversary! I haven’t done that card yet because we are working on the Southwest one currently, but it’s on my list. I can’t believe Super 8 is $124. It seems like it used to cost $39 to stay there, although it’s been a while since I’ve stayed at one.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..Keep Investing Simple-5 Tips for SuccessMy Profile

  22. Congrats on anniversary numero 8! Do you plan on cancelling the cards before the end of the first year the avoid the annual fee? I haven’t churned this one yet, but my first credit card was an AMEX Delta Skymiles card and I got a free flight out of it! I ended up cancelling it before the end of the first year, though, to avoid the annual fee.
    Ben @ The Wealth Gospel recently posted..Spreading the Gospel: Moving Abroad and Internet at WorkMy Profile

  23. I haven’t used that card but I do have a rewards credit card and I’ve earned $200 in gift cards by using it this year. Which I’ve used to get Emmett’s car seat And other essential baby gear.
    Jennifer @ Budgeting in Baby recently posted..Swagbucks Gift Cards Saved Me 74%My Profile

  24. That’s such a great tip and “life hack” for getting a free vacation! Congratulations on your Anniversary and your getaway vacation!
    Terry @EasyFinancialTips recently posted..5 New Year’s Money Resolutions Everyone Should MakeMy Profile

  25. Happy Anniversary! Time does fly, especially when the kids start taking over your lives! Great job scoring yourself a well-deserved FREE night out to celebrate. Although, I have to admit, I thought Super 8 would be cheaper. Must be the jacuzzi! :)
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted..A Personal Letter to the Readers of The Heavy PurseMy Profile

    • Well, to be fair, it really is a swank Super 8. Regular rooms were $89 and the upcharge is for the in-room Jacuzzi. I think I might need to bring some extra sanitizer with me. Hehe

  26. Have fun on your anniversary! We went to the beach for a couple of days earlier this year without the kid. It was AWESOME! :)
    Joe recently posted..We Can Travel Again!My Profile

  27. I really got to start taking advantage of rewards. For some reason I always forget about my rewards points.
    Romona Bradham recently posted..Monasez Monday Mentions 11/17/13-11/23/13My Profile

  28. This is awesome. We need to start churning more cards!
    Michelle recently posted..Ways To Make Money During The HolidaysMy Profile

  29. I’m not a churner. If you’re good with credit cards and don’t overspend I think they can be great. My fear is that I will subconsciously buy more groceries or spend more money if I use a credit card rather than a debit card and that would cancel out any rewards I would end up getting. Since I have doubts I don’t try it. When I use my debit card I feel the burn of the money being deducted from my bank account balance.
    Alexa recently posted..My Work at Home TruthsMy Profile

  30. The Barclays Arrival card is a great option, especially for people who are looking for a quick way to get some travel rewards. We actually have a travel rewards coaching service, and just recommended this card to one of the bloggers we’re currently helping.
    Laura @ recently posted..Free $10: Register for Amex Small Business SaturdayMy Profile

  31. I jumped to read this so fast. Everyone would want to get some dough doing nothing. I think that card has good rewards. Right now I feel like I may be vulnerable to getting myself in more debt if I churn . However, this is something I will keep in mind and I will definitely do t once I am debt free.
    Demaish recently posted..5 Things you can do differently to Save MoneyMy Profile

  32. First, congratulations on your 8th year anniversary! I love how you’re going “big” for your celebration. Just my kind of celebration.

    Second, you lived in a funeral home!?! Wow, have you made a post about that experience? I’d love to read it.

    Third, oh yeah, I love credit card rewards. I’m debating between this and Chase Sapphire but this one seems easier but $100 less.

  33. Happy Anniversary you two! Hope you have an awesome kiddo-free night. :D
    Cat Alford (@BudgetBlonde) recently posted..Writing Wrap Up + The Babies Are Moving!My Profile

  34. Also, I too would like to hear about living at the funeral home. :)
    Cat Alford (@BudgetBlonde) recently posted..Writing Wrap Up + The Babies Are Moving!My Profile

  35. What a great deal. I’ll have to check it out. Congrats on your anniversary and enjoy your night off!
    Practical Cents recently posted..Second Degree Burns: How to treat and healMy Profile

  36. What kind of food at the Asian Grill? Is it Chinese, Japanese or a bit of everything?
    I’m a Marriott whore as I patronize that chain. When I renew my Marriott credit card I get a free night stay at a category 4 hotel which is worth $150. Ironically all the Marriotts here at Category 5 and above.
    Charles@gettingarichlife recently posted..Kailua Town Tourists And Sharing The Aloha Links #4My Profile

  37. Happy Anniversary. You guys sound about as exciting as we will be too haha. Have a great night out :)
    Catherine recently posted..10 More Things You Didn’t Know About MeMy Profile

  38. That’s a really popular mastercard in bloggingland, there’s a lot of people rooting for it, have a great anniversary and maybe you’ll earn $8,000 for doing nothing in your 16th year
    Poor Student recently posted..Why You Should Graduate ASAPMy Profile

  39. True! I’ve never been much of a fan of credit cards but with the regular expenses, you might as well because you can have these wonderful freebies for spending the money that ought to be spending for these necessities.
    Jay@MoneyRebound recently posted..Did a Sliding Doors Moment Change Your Financial Life?My Profile

  40. I really need to start taking advantage of these credit card sign up bonuses. I just worry about having too many to keep track of.


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