Club Thrifty: Turning Our Dreams into Reality


Club Thrifty: Turning Our Dreams Into RealityWhen we started our blog six months ago, we never really thought that anyone would even read it.  We never would have imagined that it would grow into what it has – and do it in such a short period of time.  Now that we’ve lived through the first six months of Club Thrifty, I have to say that it has been amazing.  We have met and networked with inspirational writers and people from all over the world.  Truly, we never anticipated all of the support that we have gotten and all of the connections that we have made.  If you have stopped by, commented, or promoted our blog at any point over the past six months, we want to say “thank you.”

We have also learned so much over such a short amount of time.  We made mistakes and, luckily, took the time to learn from them.  We asked for advice from more established bloggers. People like Jeremy from Modest Money, Jefferson and Michelle from See Debt Run, Average Joe at The Free Financial Advisor, Michelle from Making Sense of Cents, Jacob at iHeartbudgets, Jason at Work Save Live, Daisy at …Add Vodka, and Carrie Smith from Careful Cents were happy to help.  Of course, everybody at the Yakezie Network has been extremely helpful as well.


It Gets Better…

Some new and exciting things are happening here at Club Thrifty.  First, last week, I was hired to be a staff writer at my very favorite personal finance blog, Get Rich Slowly.  It is my understanding that my stories will be published twice per month, on the second and last Thursday of each month.  Make sure to check them out and show your support.  Or, comment and tell me that what I’m saying is completely wrong.  You know I live for controversy and awkward moments! My first “staff” assignment will go live this Thursday!

One other big change is that we have come out publicly to our family and friends.  We weren’t blogging anonymously until this point, but we weren’t shouting it from the rooftops either.  Anyway, I am glad to have everything out in the open.  I am relieved that I no longer have to feel like I am living two separate lives.  I am thrilled to be out of the blogging closet.

At the same time, it is a little scary.  All of my fellow bloggers will agree that it is truly frightening to put your words and advice out there for the world to see.  People can be cruel and argumentative.  They can tear you down.  They can make you feel like a giant dumbass who has no right to have a home on the internet…or anywhere else for that matter.

Yet, that is also what is so awesome about blogging as well.  Putting ourselves out there to be criticized by our readers may sometimes tear us down.  However, it can often build us back up and make us more confident than we were before.  I have experienced this myself, and I am no longer afraid to fail or to be told that I am wrong.

Let’s face it;  personal finance bloggers won’t always be liked.  Unfortunately, we write about things that a lot of people don’t want to hear. We write about personal responsibility and not being lazy and wasteful on almost a daily basis.  It is perfectly reasonable to expect some backlash from time to time.

Anyway, I wanted to thank all of our readers.  Thank you for all of your support.  Thank you for believing in us and bothering to read our words. It has been a humbling and exciting experience. Thank you all for choosing to spend your precious time with us. We hope that you have enjoyed it, and we certainly hope that you’ll keep coming back for more!


  1. says

    That’s interesting that you didn’t tell your family and friends about your blogging until now. I have done the same thing with only my wife and brother knowing about my blog.

    I am not hiding it from them, I just don’t feel the need to go mixing my worlds together. I guess I still feel like I am still too new at it all and I don’t really want them involved just yet. I’m not really sure why I feel that way though.

      • says

        Congrats on doing so well with your blog in such a short time!!! I did tell my friends and family about my blog, but I soon learned that they really were not interested in it. So I don’t bring it up unless I’m asked about it. And they ask just to be polite, like asking how work is going. I don’t worry about it–I’m happy blogging along!

  2. says

    I told my family and friends about my blog on day one just so I could get a few clicks to start off *lol* You’ve done more in six months than most do in years, good work!

  3. says

    Congratulations on the GRS staff gig! My BF asked what my blog address was, I said he was free to look it up but wouldn’t get it from me. I already get a creepy number of people getting on my site by googling me…

  4. says

    Wow that is awesome that you are a staff writer for GRS!

    And that’s great that you are now telling people about your blog. I will someday also, but not just yet. I wouldn’t want it to hurt my job because of the field that I’m in.

    • says

      I feel ya, Michelle. It’s hard to know what the right thing to do is. We work in a conservative industry and we don’t want to offend people. At the same time, we want to be our authentic selves.

  5. says

    Nice job Holly on the staff assignment on GRS. I am happy for you. Also, congrats on making such progress with Club Thrifty along with coming out of the blogging “closet”. I used to blog without letting anyone know who I was, but with Debt Roundup, I decided I wanted people to get to know me and love or hate me. I don’t mind ruffling feathers, in fact, I kind of enjoy it sometimes.

  6. says

    Congrats Holly on getting the GRS gig! That’s awesome. It’d definitely much deserved. Like DC said, your site is one of my first stops in the morning as I enjoy your & Greg’s writing styles.

    Great as well in “coming out” to your family. I am pretty much in the same position. My extended family knows, but beyond that they don’t know exactly what it is or what I am really writing about. We shall see when that day will happen.

  7. says

    Wow, that’s impressive about GRS!! How was the application process…was it challenging? Did you have to do a lot? That’s really going to help Club Thrifty as you’re going to open yourself up to over 100,000 readers. Pretty B.A.!!!

    That’s nerve racking to come out to your family as well. I know my wife was not comfortable with sharing our financial information, but I think she’s grown used to it now. :)

  8. Seth says

    Congrats on the new assignment and keep up the hard work. I agree with others that your blog is my first stop each morning.

  9. Financial Samurai says

    Fantastic news Holly! I look forward to reading your new staff writing posts at GRS and following on your journey here for many more months to come!



  10. says

    Being completely transparent is kind of a double-edged sword. On one hand, you need to be pretty thick skinned if you are the type of person who is worried about what others think or writing things that people will agree with. On the other hand, you allow people to actually get to know you which really can’t be done from behind a pseudonym or partial info about yourself.

    I prefer the “tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear” approach (Average Joe can attest to my fondness for saying things that people don’t always agree with to get a debate going) and I really don’t care what others think or say so being out there with my name and face attached to my words never bothered me. Besides, my friends and family already hit me up for advice regularly anyway so by telling them about blogging from the start, I hoped that they would just read and get info there rather than bugging me all the time 😉

  11. says

    Very exciting on the staff writing job! I have told people I work with about the blog. No one really cares and only one of them reads it. Not interested I guess! My family would not agree with anything I write for the most part, but they’ve always thought I was a bit odd, so I wouldn’t expect any different. Love Club Thrifty and proud of your growth.

  12. says

    Congrats on the staff writing job! That’s super exciting! I’ve only just started reading this blog, but I’m really happy I’ve discovered it. Also congrats on coming out of the blogging closet. I don’t really try and keep my blog a secret, but I don’t openly talk about it either, I feel like it needs to be a bit bigger before I can do that.

  13. says

    Congratulations on the gig at GRS and “coming out” to your families about the blog. I’ve told a few people about my blog, but not everyone I know.

  14. Joanna @ Our Freaking Budget says

    Wow… awesome! As someone just starting out with personal finance blogging, I really loved reading about your experience so far. It sounds like all is going so well!

  15. says

    Congrats on your GRS gig! How exciting! I’m so glad I found your blog!!!

    I can totally identify with keeping your blog secret. When I had my old personal finance blog, Spin The Deal, I kept it a secret because I was worried what friends and family would say about my thrifty viewpoints and stockpile of diapers. It wasn’t until an article was published in our local paper with my full name and money-saving tips from my blog that I came out of the blogging closet. Although I miss finance blogging, I’ve found that food blogging still provides a fun, creative outlet with less worry about judgement.

    Here’s to 6 months and continued success in the next 6!!!

    • says

      Yes, food is much less controversial! I don’t blame you at all. Did you read on your blog where I said that I really liked to make oatmeal with ground turkey? I really need to reread my posts before I hit submit! =)

  16. says

    Obviously you know I think you both rock, and and pretty SUPER PUMPED for your new gig at GRS. I think you’ll sass that blog up a bit and give people a bit of fun that maybe wasn’t there before :)

    And congrats on “coming out”, haha. For me, my family and friends have always known, but that’s because word spreads like wildfire in my fam. It’s actually been great having my family read the blog, and I’ve done budgets for a few of them, and I’ve been able to help them financially. They probably wouldn’t listen to me in person about money, but now that I’m all “internet famous” I guess my words hold more weight.

    I hope you have a similar experience! Again, congrats, and I look forward to seeing you become super duper rich and famous. Just don’t forget about the little guy 😉

  17. says

    Congratulations on coming out! lol! I love how your refer it like that. It kind of feels like that sometimes. I’ve only “come out” to a few friends, so I’m not quite ready to go all the way with that. I was just feeling the bloggy love myself. Great community, and it’s really helped me a great deal!

  18. says

    Hey! Thanks for mentioning me. It’s been great watching your site take off. Congrats on the new writing gig. You’ll do well over there.

    Which isn’t to say that I DON’T think that you’re a giant dumbass who has no right to have a home on the internet…or anywhere else for that matter…..I still do…..but congrats anyway.

    (That one was too easy…..)

  19. says

    Congrats on becoming a staff writer for Get Rich Slowly, I love that blog. Thanks for writing such great posts and for supporting Well Kept Wallet as well!

  20. says

    That’s awesome Holly. It’s great to hear that someone else in the financial blogging community is having some great success. I also want to congratulate you on the writing gig with GRS.

    Finally, I also want to say that I know exactly where you’re coming from when you say coming out of the blogging closet. A lot of times as financial bloggers people don’t fully understand what we are really doing here.

    I recently told my parents about my finance blog and they didn’t get it at all, but for me it allows me to share helpful advice and make a few bucks on the side.

    Anyways great blog and keep up the great work.

    • says

      I know!!!!!!! People don’t really “get it,” do they? They just look at you like….”why?”

      But to those of us who do it, no explanation is needed. Almost everything boils down to the pursuit of money.

  21. says

    Congratulations Mates! That’s great news on both counts. It’s not easy blogging and being so proud of what you do but you can’t or don’t tell anyone. I know, I’m that way. One day maybe! Until then, keep on doing what you are doing and I’ll be reading those guest posts! Cheers Mr.CBB

  22. says

    Congrats on all the success you two have been having with Club Thrifty!

    Also, best wishes to Holly as she starts her writing gig over at GRS. Maybe one day I’ll be able to muster enough courage to submit my own life story on there. I don’t think I’m quite ready to handle all the flaming just yet 😉

  23. says

    Congrats on GRS, that’s huge! I haven’t “come out” to any friends or family yet. Only the bf knows and reads what I write. I don’t mind folks knowing about the blog, but also want to be able to continue to write freely without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings (I don’t use names, but still it would be pretty obvious who I was talking about to many people) or making anyone feel weird.

    • says

      Yeah, I know just what you mean. I don’t want any awkward moments and I don’t want anyone to be mad at me. However, this is me and I don’t want to pretend to not be me!

  24. Justin@TheFrugalPath says

    Congrats on the news. Your blog was the first PF one I found when I started to write. I actually found you via GRS. It’s been a great resource. They’ve done something right by adding you to their list.

  25. says

    Wow, wow, wow. Awesome! Holly, your dream of becoming a full time blogger might come much sooner than you want it to. Staff writer on Get Rich Slowly?! Get out! Wow. Congrats!

    I’m not sure I’ll ever come out of the “blogging closet”. Props to you for taking the leap. Hehe. Congratulations!

    Disclaimer: in all honesty, I haven’t read but 3 posts on GRS including one of yours. I blame time, but my poster tells me that’s just a bs excuse. I’ll have to start checking out GRS more often! It’s just that the quality of writing on that blog gives me the creeps. Wayyyy better than anything I can conjure. Congrats again! Three times is a charm.

  26. Jamie Dickinson says

    Congratulations! The mammoth amount of comments is testament to your achievements alone. I had to scrolls for a full 45 secs to get to the bottom.

    My new blog went live 4 months ago after a redesign and a big rethink. The community is so supportive and it really motivates you to do your best and to create and share amazing content.

    Keep being awesome!

    • says

      I totally agree about the community being supportive. Imagine what it would be like if none of us visited or commented on each other’s blogs. It would be lonely and boring!

  27. says

    Congrats on your first big staff writing gig.
    You’ve done marvelously in a very short amount of time. Keep it up, and the sky is the limit!!

  28. Matthew Allen says

    Congratulations on everything, but especially the staff writing gig over at GRS! That is an awesome opportunity and a chance to grow your brand even more.

    I understand why you didn’t tell family. I’m in the same boat. Must of them wouldn’t even begin to understand what I do and why. Heck – my own wife thinks this is some kind of glorified hobby, just because I have yet to strike it rich.

    • says

      LOL, glorified hobby. That’s one way to put it! We weren’t keeping it a secret. It just doesn’t naturally come up. Plus, money is such a taboo subject for many.

  29. says

    Congratulations on the staff writing position. I am so happy for you! You guys are both great writers and seem to be great people. Anyone who tears you down, doesn’t know what they are talking about! You guys are great and I wish all the best to you both.

  30. K.K. @ Living Debt Free Rocks! says

    I’m obviously late to the party but congratulations on the GRS writing gig and your 6 months of sharing what I consider to be great content!

  31. says

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