Modern Ways to Save On Your Next Vacation

Plunking spare change into a jar in the kitchen was the old-fashioned way to save up for any major purchase. But these days, consumers need a better savings plan. Luckily, hotels, airlines and other tourist-related entities understand the savings plight and offer several ways to save if you’re willing to put in the effort. Take a look at just some of the modern ways to achieve your vacation dreams for a reasonable price. [Read more…]

How FrugalWoods Say No to Food Waste

foodI’m on vacation!  In my absence, please enjoy this guest post from

Do you waste food? Probably. We all do to some extent. But do you waste $1,500 of food per year? According to The Atlantic “…every year, about 40 percent of all food in the U.S. goes uneaten; a typical four-person household discards roughly $1,500 worth” (May 2014). That is staggering! This is not money wasted on stuff you’d at least get to enjoy–like cable, restaurants, or dog costumes. Nay, gentle reader, this is money literally thrown down the garbage chute! I was shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you. [Read more…]

New Technology to Reduce Fraud

credit card rewards ccIn October 2015, new technology and new rules will enter the American credit card market. This new credit card technology will replace the old magnetic stripe and signature cards, and hopefully make it much more difficult for scammers to access confidential consumer information in the process.

Following data breaches from top-tier retailers such as Target and Nordstrom, the rollout of Chip and PIN credit cards is picking up steam. Here’s a basic rundown of everything you need to know about this technology. [Read more…]

How to Save on Holiday Travel with Choice Hotels

holiday travelThe holidays are coming up, and you know what that means.  It means it’s time to pack your car full of kids and gifts and drive all over the country in an effort to meet everyone’s holiday expectations.  The problem?  Holiday travel can get expensive.

Fortunately, Choice Hotels is offering up some hot deals for this year’s holiday travel season.  Let me explain… [Read more…]

Preparing for an Unlikely Death

funeralIf you are like most individuals, you are naturally concerned about your family’s financial health.  For example, what would happen if you died suddenly?  Would your family be financially prepared for such an event? Although this is an unsettling thought, it nonetheless needs to be addressed.   [Read more…]

Freelancing: Should You Hire Employees?

thebossIt has become part of the standard narrative of the successful freelancer: “Humble freelancer starts from the bottom, performs well, develops more business than she can handle, hires other go-getters to meet swelling demand, BOOM – Job Creator, More money, Adulation!” The fact is, while this is the best-case scenario for many people looking into the freelancer’s world, hiring others may not be the best possible use of your time and money. [Read more…]