It All Boils Down to YOU: A Rant

personal responsibilityAnyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate politics.  I hate politics so much that I refuse to commit to a political party and ignore anything and everything that is overtly partisan.

I’m probably a libertarian, but I don’t really want to commit to that either.  I just want to think what I think, you know?  I don’t need anyone spoon-feeding me and I don’t feel the need to belong or be on the “winning side” or the “losing side.”  I’ve always hated team sports. [Read more...]

USA Today: The ‘American Dream’ Now Costs $130K

american dreamAccording to the experts, you aren’t really living a fulfilling and happy life unless you’re earning at least $130K per year.  That’s according to a new analysis from USA Today which says some pretty ridiculous things about what it now costs to live the “American Dream.”  I find these articles offensive because, for starters, making blanket statements about what the American Dream means to different people is pointless.  Not only that, but perpetuating these lies can be detrimental to the American psyche as well.  Why?  Because it leads people to believe that will never have enough money to be happy and financially secure. [Read more...]

My Worst Money Mistakes



One of my favorite things to do is make fun of myself, and it’s partly because I make it so darn easy.

After all, I provide an endless stream of fodder for my own jokes, like the fact that I wear pajamas every day, all day.  Or the many times I have gotten drunk and performed tragic reenactments of my favorite songs during karaoke.  Or the time I texted my old boss and her husband with the simple words, “love you,” because I mistakenly thought I was texting Greg. [Read more...]

Car Payments Suck

car paymentThe other day, I shared how my minivan got a giant crack in the bumper (Greg probably did it) without my knowledge, and how we chose to ignore the Joneses and fix it with duct tape.  Despite the fact that I didn’t make any disparaging remarks about people who finance new or used vehicles, I received this comment:


[Read more...]

5 Constructive Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

tax refundA few weeks ago, I admitted that I overpaid my taxes for 2013 and would be getting almost $6,500 back.  Ugh. Well, it landed in my bank account a few weeks ago and we did some really boring things with it.  Brace yourselves.  This is what we did: [Read more...]

Your Child Will Need Student Loans

student loan debtPlease enjoy this post from staff writer, Mitchell Pauly.  If you’re interested in hearing more from Mitchell, he blogs over at

Annually, 20 million hungover young adults graduate college and move on to a miserable like the rest of us.  Of these 20 million, roughly 12 million (60%) will carry some form of student loan debt[1].  And they’re not alone.  There are currently 37 million people in the United States with outstanding student loan debt, which is roughly the same amount of people as the entire population of California.  With the rising costs of higher education ballooning upward like McDonald’s calorie counts, it’s become a safe bet that student loan balances will only continue to rise.  In fact, I would bet on it: Your child will need student loans[2]. [Read more...]