The Scoop on Groupon Coupons

grouponAs you probably know, Groupon has been offering special flash-sale deals to their subscribers since 2008.

And let’s be real here; I love me a good Groupon deal. Personally, I have used Groupons to purchase everything from dental appointments to salon treatments, and all with discounts anywhere from 40-50%. [Read more…]

How to Travel with Kids On a Budget

Family walking on the beachWhen you have young kids, travel can be both inconvenient and expensive. Not only do you have to lug car seats and diaper bags all over the place, but you also have to learn to live with higher travel expenses overall.

Obviously, this should be expected. After all, little bodies take up space on airplanes and often require pricey snacks and their own tickets to attractions.

It almost makes you want to just stay home, doesn’t it? [Read more…]

Helpful Tips for Buying a Business

Helpful Tips for Buying a BusinessHave you ever wanted to own your own business but didn’t know how to get started? We sure didn’t. It has been our dream for years to own our own business, and we have finally succeeded. Yet, when we first realized that we wanted to be business owners, we had absolutely no idea what that meant or how to achieve our goals. [Read more…]

Success is Not a Zero-Sum Game

Run in 2015A few weeks ago, one of my best clients asked me to provide a reference for another writer in my niche.

The way I saw it, I had three options: a) be vague and say something like “I think should would do okay, but don’t have any feedback on her work,” b) pretend I don’t know her, or c) give her a well-deserved glowing review. [Read more…]