Exercise Videos: A Cheap Way to Get In Shape

Are you frustrated with gym prices and looking for a cheap way to get in shape? If so, cheap or free exercise videos might be your best bet.I have a confession to make. Last month, I splurged on something that wasn’t in my budget.

Frustrated with my then boring exercise routine, I ordered a fairly pricey workout video series called Focus T25 off of Amazon.com. Even though I normally like to exercise outside, I wanted to do something different for a change. I also got hooked in with one of those snazzy infomercials with testimonials and before-and-after pics. Sue me.

Regardless, I think the $125 I forked over was a pretty good investment. Now that we’re been doing the program for several weeks, I can really see the difference, especially in my core and lower body. I also have a little more pep in my step, better focus, and more energy than I had before. The best part yet – I’ve lost around 7 pounds! [Read more…]

Our Frugal Trip to Canada and Niagara Falls

This weekend we took a great frugal trip to Canada and Niagara Falls and we were able to do it cheaply thanks to our friends and credit card rewards.This past weekend, Greg and I took the kids for a frugal weekend trip to Canada and Niagara Falls. Well, I suppose it was more than a weekend thing. We did leave on Thursday and were gone until Monday night. Still, even though our trip was short, we had a ton of fun. Fortunately, it was also cheap – partly because we’re cheap but also because of the generosity of our friends. Here’s how it went down: [Read more…]

Is Entrepreneurship Really Better than the 9-5?

Now that nobody in our house has a "real job," we get a lot of strange looks and questions. So, is entrepreneurship really better than the 9-5 grind?Ever since Greg quit his job in March, we’ve been getting a lot of strange questions and looks. It seems that people thought it was perfectly normal for me to “not really have a job,” but it’s super weird for Greg to fall into that camp too. Now that we both work at home, people are racking their brains trying to figure out how we survive. A few questions I’ve gotten recently: [Read more…]

Unfortunate Ways I’ve Wasted Money

How have I wasted money lately? Let me count the ways. Read this post for some of the most unfortunate spending decisions I have made in the last month.Karma’s a bitch sometimes.

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about how dumb Bath & Body Works mailings can be. Yet, there I was – gift card in hand, a disgusted look on my face.

I didn’t plan it this way. In fact, I didn’t do anything wrong. I blame it all on my husband. Here’s how it went down:

Since a cousin’s wedding is coming up, I sent my husband to the store to pick up a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card. Everyone likes that store, right?

Unfortunately, he came home with this: [Read more…]

$50 Target Gift Card Giveaway

HOLLA! It is GIVEAWAY time at Club Thrifty! Gain entries to our $50 Target Gift Card Giveaway by visiting the website and sharing it daily until 4/27!Happy Friday everybody! I love me some Fridays, and I know you do too. What better way is there to celebrate than with a giveaway, #amiright?!? HOLLA!!!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Gift Card Rescue to offer you a chance to win a $50 Target gift card! How’s that for starting the weekend off right? Attention Target shoppers: Be sure to sign up for the gift card raffle below! [Read more…]