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It’s that awkward time of the year for college students and kids who are far away from home. They’re settling into their routines, but they may be running out of supplies for school. Their batteries are running low about now – figuratively and literally. It’s not quite time for the holidays, and they may be feeling a little homesick. Therefore, it’s prime time for a care package, and putting one together can be almost as much fun as receiving one in the mail.

The Purpose

School supplies on-campus can be outrageously expensive. The mark-up at the campus bookstore is considerable, and many of the packaged items are too small to last long. Mailing a care package created at home  serves two main purposes. First, it lets college student know that they are missed and loved.  Secondly, it can save a ton of cash.

The Presentation

The key to creating a great care package is to include things that are either fun, usefu,l or both. Although a care package’s contents might equate to presents on some levels, you don’t need to wrap things in fancy paper. You can, however, get creative. Putting things into brown paper bags or interesting containers to is an important element to creating a great care package.

The Ingredients

A care package should have a little bit of practicality mixed in with fun. Typical toiletries are always needed, and so are basic school supplies. These can be picked up from the discount store for less than your child can buy them on campus or in any store near the school. Don’t forget some favorite of their snacks, something fun to do on study breaks, and a quick note from you. If there’s a birthday or a special event coming up, add in some party decorations or party favors.

The Packaging

Make sure that you avoid anything that can melt in warm temperatures, and carefully wrap anything that’s fragile. Use recyclables for packing. Reusable plastic bags, paper shreds and newspaper are all lightweight packing materials that will help cushion the package yet keep postage rates low. Use a box without printing on the outside and use packing tape to carefully seal the package. Make sure the address is clearly visible and legible. Don’t forget to put a return address on it, as well. Unless you’re in a hurry, send the package parcel post, or 4th class through the U.S. Postal Service. It’s often the least expensive. Another option is to check out the USPS bulk rate boxes.

When it comes to care packages, they are a rite of passage for college students and kids in school far away from home. As you do your pre-holiday shopping, pick up items that will fit in with the care package. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but a little bit of love goes a long way.

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  1. Care packages are awesome :-) I wrote about an awesome thing the local church does, sending big exam care packages out every spring to local students who are away at university.

  2. I remember those days of receiving them and sending them to my children. Very important to help your children through some of those times they may feel down.
    krantcents recently posted..How to Take Control of your LifeMy Profile

  3. Aw, I remember getting care packages when I was in college. My mom used to order them from a prepackaging company… I did not get my thrifty habits from her. :oP This is some great, thoughtful advice. My brother is still in college, so maybe I’ll mail one out to him since it’s about time for finals. The Dollar Tree usually has great stuff to put in them.
    Mel @ brokeGIRLrich recently posted..Putting Some Giving in Thanksgiving: Ang Aking Puso ay May PilipinasMy Profile

  4. The mark up at University bookstores is sometimes as much as 300%! It’s outrageous, but many are willing to pay for the convenience. This is a great idea for both saving money and reminding loved ones that you care!
    Terry @EasyFinancialTips recently posted..How to Start a Food Truck BusinessMy Profile

  5. I think a nice note attached to the care package is what makes it…I can go out and buy snacks myself!
    Christina @EasyFinancialTips recently posted..Odd Jobs During the Holiday SeasonMy Profile

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