Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

No matter what your financial situation, there are ways to feel safe and secure at home. After all, that’s how home should feel. So, whether you’re a bachelor living on a low income, or a single woman who just hit the lottery, these tips will help keep your home and possessions safe.

Safety On a Budget

On a slim budget? You can still afford a home security monitoring service. Many companies only charge $20 to $30 a month. You can also take simple, cost-effective steps to keep your home safe without breaking the bank.

First install dead bolts and chain locks, and invest in a timer for lights and televisions. They won’t set you back very far. Take advantage of free ways to protect yourself like locking doors, windows, and padlock entrance gates. Don’t tell strangers your schedule, and place valuable items away from windows.

Embrace a Single-Minded Approach to Safety

Single women living alone on a fixed or reduced income should not fear nights at home alone. Instead, relish in the idea. First, put a married name on your apartment mailbox like Mr. & Mrs. Jameson, instead of just Susie J. Single women are targets for break-ins.

Also, be careful of who you invite inside, even if it’s the plumber or cable installation technician. Have a friend come over if you must have someone in. Never allow a new date to pick you up at your house, either. Always drive yourself to their house, or meet them in public the first few times.

Secure Middle-Income Homes Too

Families and single people with middle incomes are not immune to break-ins, even in cushy, suburban neighborhoods. Opt for monitored home security systems linking to police and fire departments. If you have kids, choose systems with apps that stream video to your phone, so you can check in to see if they arrived home safely. These systems should be within your budget; the monthly cost is usually less than your cell phone.

For added protection, never advertise a family vacation on social networks. Wait until after you return to tell everyone about your trip. Maintain the lawn service, but stop newspaper delivery and tell the post office to hold your mail. Letters piling up on your porch tell crooks that no one is home.

Invest to Secure a Wealthy Lifestyle

If you’re living on an above-average income, your home will likely attract a more ambitious class of thieves. So invest in a high-end security system with multiple cameras, motion detectors, and direct links to police and fire departments.

Continue to use simple, cheap ways to scare off intruders but on a larger scale. Set inside lights and TVs on timers in downstairs rooms to go off randomly even when you’re home. Set outside landscape lighting and porch lights on timers, and install motion-detecting spot lights at your home’s entrances. Repeat this process for vacation homes and rental properties, if you own them.

No matter your financial situation, there’s always a way to protect what’s yours. Use these tips, and you’ll sleep soundly knowing your family and possessions are safe.




  1. says

    I have a big dog because I love dogs but it must also be a deterrent to burglars.

    I always have one of my big sons record the message on the answering machine.

    We are in a heat wave but I am using my central air conditioning instead of having the windows open at night. There are too many break ins in my through open windows when people are home and I find that terrifying. The latest string of break ins has burglars popping out window mounted air conditioners and gaining access that way.

    I will be alone in the house when my youngest heads off to an out of town university in September and some times the noises at night are scary.

  2. says

    I’m always afraid of someone breaking in even though we live in a safe area. Some of the things that we do are try to make sure that a car is always in the driveway so that people think someone is home when we are on vacation.

  3. says

    Nice advice. We live in the suburbs and had our garage broken into last year. It’s detached, so it’s not like the intruders could get into our house, but it’s still pretty frightening. I’ve thought about getting a security system, but we just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I think I’ll maybe look at our options again once we have kids.

  4. Brian says

    In general burglars are lazy and will look for easy targets. Just don’t make it look easy to break into your home. Plants some nice looking bushes with thorns under windows (or even rose bushes). Keep your yard mowed and don’t leave things like ladders out. Get to know your neighbors because they will watch your house for free and you can watch theres. The houses right around mine are all people who talk to each other on an almost daily basis. If something weird was going on, it would get noticed.

  5. says

    Glad I read this. I’ve been thinking about getting a monitoring system for us for a while now. I just get worried and nervous and I know that having one will give me peace of mind.

  6. says

    I really appreciate you writing about this particular topic. I have so many girlfriends that live on their own and think they’d have to read this. Keep writing about interesting topics like this one because it can definitely benefit a lot of people.

  7. says

    Well, these tips are quite helpful for the people who are looking for budget friendly security ideas and ways. There are many companies that offer cheap but good security systems for your home. Home security is very important for all the people around the world.

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