Here’s Why It Always Pays to Shop Around

It always pays to shop around! I remembered that last week after another shining example of contractor price bloating...but was my realization too late?Last week, Greg was forced to take a cold shower.

But before you start feeling sorry for him, you should know that it isn’t what you think.

Here’s what happened: Basically, our water heater died sometime during the night without our knowledge. My lucky husband just happened to be the person who learned this knowledge firsthand when he entered the shower for his morning rinse. {Better him than me. LOL} [Read more…]

Yes, I’m Getting a Tax Refund (and 4 Reasons I Don’t Care)

I'm getting a tax refund again this year. And guess what - I still don't care. Read all of the reasons I'm okay with my tax refund this year.Brace yourselves; I have an announcement. Not surprisingly, I managed to completely fail at paying quarterly estimated taxes again. And just like last year, I paid in more than necessary and am set to get a sizable refund.

But just like last year, I don’t really care. It’s just another day in the life of an overachiever. {Relax, I’m being sarcastic} Not only am I a workaholic, but I tend to over-plan, overanalyze, and overprepare. That means that, when I think I owe X number of dollars, I just round that shit up. [Read more…]

Smart Ways to Save Money on Hotels in Honolulu

The thought of a stay in Honolulu can easily conjure up romantic dreams of brilliant orange and pink blazing sunsets. One’s thoughts can also easily turn to sipping on tall, tropical fruity beverages, plumeria scented Hawaiian breezes and palm trees softly swaying to an ancient rhythm. Still, finding the best hotel and travel deals make any stay in Honolulu even better. [Read more…]

Here’s What Happens When You Get Ripped Off On

All I wanted was an identical jacket to the one I already have.

All I wanted was an identical jacket to the one I already have.

In case you are unaware, Greg and I took a credit card rewards-fueled trip to Europe in November of 2014. While we were there, we took in a lot of sights, ate some great (and not-so-great) food, and spent some quality time together. We didn’t buy a lot of keepsakes, but we did buy a few.

My favorite purchase of the entire trip was this adorable London-flag look jacket I got from the Portobello Road Market in the Notting Hill District of West London. [Read more…]

The Scoop on Groupon Coupons

grouponAs you probably know, Groupon has been offering special flash-sale deals to their subscribers since 2008.

And let’s be real here; I love me a good Groupon deal. Personally, I have used Groupons to purchase everything from dental appointments to salon treatments, and all with discounts anywhere from 40-50%. [Read more…]