How Freelance Writing – and the Internet – Changed My Life

Over the course of just three years, freelance writing has completely changed my life. Now that I know how strong I am, I'll never look back.

Although it seems like I’ve been writing for a living my entire adult life, I worked in an entirely different field throughout my entire 20s. Actually, my writing career is one that started with fairly humble beginnings, and quite by accident. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was stuck in a dead-end job […]

4 Lessons I Learned from Being in Debt

Not only did I used to be indifferent to being in debt, I just didn't care. Here are some of the lessons I learned from that experience.

When I was in my late teens and early 20s, I was fairly indifferent to the amount of debt I carried. In my eyes, it was too early to worry about money or the future. I was young, dumb, and completely foolish about how the real world worked. Plus, I knew deep down that I […]

Exercise Videos: A Cheap Way to Get In Shape

exercise videos

I have a confession to make. Last month, I splurged on something that wasn’t in my budget. Frustrated with my then boring exercise routine, I ordered a fairly pricey workout video series called Focus T25 off of Even though I normally like to exercise outside, I wanted to do something different for a change. I […]

Dangerous Online Investments – 2015 Edition


Investing can be great if you have the necessary funds as well as patience to learn the basics. Of course, there is risk in every investment you make. From money market accounts to buying single stocks, every investment carries risk. However, there are also an increasing number of online investment opportunities that are not a […]

Use myVEGAS Slots to Earn FREE Meals and Rooms

Meals and rooms in Las Vegas can be extremely expensive. But, that's not how we do Vegas. Here's how we use myVegas Slots to cut down on our costs!

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas before, you already know how expensive everything is. A nice meal at a fancy restaurant on the strip can cost more than $100. Meanwhile, drink prices are absolutely insane. And let’s not forget about the gambling; if you play and lose, you’ll obviously end up much worse off […]

Vacation Inflation: Making a Conscious Decision to Splurge (On a Budget)

Vacation Inflation: Making a Conscious Decision to Splurge

Over the last few years, we have worked hard and saved.  We have counted pennies, used coupons, and made most of our meals at home.  One by one, we have payed off almost all of our debts.  We have nearly paid off some legitimate expenses, such as our car and home improvement loans.  We have also had to pay […]

Why Life Insurance is Important for Homeowners

Life insurance is an important piece of your financial wellness plan. If you own a home or have a family, you should not be going without it!

Having a mortgage is a lot different than carrying a balance on your credit card. Instead, it’s a commitment that usually involves several hundred thousand dollars. If you passed away unexpectedly, you would most likely be leaving your family to fend for themselves when it came to those dreaded mortgage payments. Of course, that’s not […]