Yes, I Will Get You a Target REDcard

REDCardIn our post from last week, How to Pay Your Mortgage with a Credit Card, I mentioned somewhere that I might be willing to pick up a Target REDcard for those of you who can’t purchase one in your area. I’ve gotten dozens of emails since, and yes, I am still willing to get one for my awesome readers. In Indiana, the cards cost $5 and it makes me load them with $5, making your total cost $10. I only ask one small favor in return- that you return a blogger some love when you sign up for your next credit card – or round of credit cards. Sound fair? If you’re interested, please email me via the contact form on my Free Travel Advice page.


UPDATE: According to a few sources, credit card loads on Target REDbirds may end tomorrow. Let’s wait and see what happens.

5 Reasons to Love Garage Sales

The grass is green. The birds are chirping. Garage sale season is finally here. Here are five of my favorite reasons to love garage sales!There are a lot of reasons to love Spring in Central Indiana. After a long, cold winter, the birds are finally chirping and the grass is finally green. It’s also warm out, which is both unexpected and amazing since it’s been a cold, dreary mess outside for 3 or 4 months. I like it.

But awesome weather isn’t the only reason I love Spring. Not only is it starting to get nice outside, but it’s also time for garage sale season to start. I’ve already been to a few here and there, including several in my own neighborhood. Mostly old people stuff, but I did find a few gems. [Read more…]

How to Pay Your Mortgage With a Credit Card

Want to earn more credit card rewards points for free travel? You need to pay your mortgage with a credit card! Check out our complete guide inside!If you’re into earning points and miles, you’ve probably wondered if it’s possible to pay for big ticket items with a credit card. You know, the big stuff – your mortgage, daycare, and car payment. Fortunately, it is possible and there are several ways to get the job done with minimal hassle and expense.

While the process itself is easy, there is a lot of strategy that goes into earning your points and miles. Getting the most out of them takes knowledge and planning. But tread carefully. Playing the credit card rewards game can be dangerous if you don’t do it right. Do you have the cajones (or the vajajay) to make rewards work for you? If you want to know how you can pay your mortgage with a credit card, keep on reading… [Read more…]

5 Reasons It’s Okay to Give Money to Homeless People

Here is how a dinner conversation went awry, why some "experts" say we shouldn't give to homeless people, and why I think they're wrong.Last weekend, my husband and I went to a last minute concert in downtown Indianapolis. Even better, we decided to hit one of the best restaurants around – The Oceanaire – for some pre-show appetizers. With entrees costing anywhere from $30 to $80, it’s a place I’ve only visited once – when my old employer paid for it. Fortunately, they had a bar menu with $6 appetizers from 4:00 – 7:00. And boy was it good.

Unfortunately, a conversation I got sucked into almost made me want to vomit. The guy sitting next to us was making small talk with my husband when he casually brought up how much he despises homeless people.

“This city is so beautiful and I love living downtown,” he said. “But all of the homeless people are ruining the experience for me.” [Read more…]

Are Diamond Engagement Rings Overrated?

Many people love their diamond rings, while others think that they are a good investment. But is that true? Are diamond engagement rings overrated?With our ten-year wedding anniversary coming up later this year, my husband has been feeling generous. For our anniversary gift, he said I could pick between a few amazing things – either a new, upgraded wedding ring or a trip anywhere in the world.

I think you know how that conversation went. I actually like my wedding ring just the way it is. Not only is it a beautiful two-tone ring with a center sapphire, but it also has sentimental value. Also, I was totally down for a trip somewhere, and ultimately decided to go to Italy. I’ll write about how we booked and paid for that trip with credit cards later, but you catch my drift. I didn’t want a new ring; I wanted to go to somewhere cool and make memories. [Read more…]

Save Money on Car Ownership

Driver furious a broken car by the roadHaving your own vehicle isn’t always cheap, but for most people, car ownership is a necessity. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to save money on transportation – including not only those pesky repair bills, but also insurance and gas costs as well. By following these tips, you will also be able to increase the long term value of your car by thousands of dollars, too. [Read more…]