It’s a Question of “Why”

When it comes to saving money, it isn't so much a question of "how." The path is the same for almost everybody. In reality, it is a question of "why."If you believe everything you read online, saving money seems so simple! Yet, it isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds. Sure, the steps are pretty straightforward:

  • Start a budget
  • Track your expenses
  • Create an emergency fund
  • Pay yourself first
  • Cut your expenses
  • Rinse and Repeat

It all sounds so stinkin’ easy, right? Still, it can be exceptionally difficult to pull off. Why is that? [Read more…]

Types of Investments: From Bonds to Forex

Types of Investments: Slicing Through the MystiqueInvesting. It is a term that scares the hell out of a lot of people. Even for those of us in the personal finance blogosphere, the mere mention of the word investing can send shivers down our spine. Investing is something that we all know that we should do. After all, why would we want to stick our money under a mattress when we can use that money to make money for ourselves? Still, we run for the hills whenever somebody asks us to expound on the value of investing our money.


The truth is that many people are confused because of what they think “investing” means. They get frozen by the idea of risking their money in something that they don’t understand. Yet, there are many different types of investments out there – from buying CD’s to making a Forex trade. Go ahead! Shake your money maker by trying some of these investment options. [Read more…]

Learn How to Become a Millionaire with These 7 Secrets

Becoming a millionaire is still the gold standard of financial success, but how do you do it? Learn how to become a millionaire with these 7 secrets!Although a million dollars won’t buy you what it used to, becoming a millionaire is still the gold standard of financial success in America. Once you’ve crossed the million dollar barrier, you have officially entered into the land of the wealthy. For most Americans, a million dollars in net worth seems like it is out of reach – but it doesn’t have to be.

According to the Spectrum Group, a market research and consulting firm based in the D.C. area, more U.S. households than ever before have a net worth of over one million dollars. In 2014, this demographic included 10.1 million households, an increase of almost 500,000 from the previous year.

How do they do it? The answers may not be as difficult – or as complicated – as you might think. Building wealth is often the result of creating good habits and dedicating yourself to accomplishing individual tasks. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to become a millionaire, now is the time to start learning. Use these 7 (not so secret) secrets to start building your fortune today. [Read more…]

4 Specific Ways to Make Money Online

As we’ve stated before, one of the best ways to get a handle on your finances is to find ways to make more money. Budgeting, tracking your expenses, and cutting your costs are all important. However, if you can find new ways to make and stash a little extra cash, you’re going to exponentially decrease the amount of time it takes to pay down your debt and reach financial freedom.

When writers talk about making extra money online, most are pretty vague about how to do it. Here are 4 specific ways you can make money online today!A few weeks ago, I wrote down a quick list of side jobs you can use to start making more money today. Whenever we mention side income, we almost always mention starting a blog. Although blogging certainly isn’t the only way to make money online, it is an easy and quick way to do so – and it’s the one we know the most about.

Every time we talk about online income, the question always arises: “How do you actually make money online?” It’s a fair question, and one that we get asked all the time. I’m still not even sure that our families really understand how we make money. It can seem quite complex, but that is mainly because people are so used to getting a paycheck from their job. The difference with online work, and with entrepreneurship in general, is that you need to have money flowing in from several different income streams. Here are a few specific ways that you can start earning money online today. [Read more…]

“Get Real” Moments that Changed Our Financial Lives

Saving money doesn't always come easy. Even for born savers, there is usually a "get real" moment when it comes to their own finances.This article is part of  the 2015 Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival hosted by The Heavy Purse. For more posts in the carnival, follow the link!

For most of us, saving money hasn’t always come easy. Even those of us who are born savers have stumbled along the way. Usually, it takes some education and a few massive money mistakes before we truly find our calling as extreme savers. There’s almost always an “ah-ha” moment (or seven) that forces us to get real about our financial situation. Our story is no different.

I have to admit, I’ve always been stingy, but saving money is something I had to learn. It wasn’t that I wanted to spend it all on stuff. Heck, I’ve probably only spent $1,000 on clothing over the last 20 years (for realsies). However, for years, I never really kept track of my money. As long as I had some in my checking account, I though I was fine. Boy, was I wrong. [Read more…]