Meet Laura.

Laura is an average 28-year-old woman who was tired of struggling. So, she did some research and found several ways to make extra money and save in her spare time. Now, Laura has an additional $853 a month in her pocket! Here’s how she did it.

#1) She makes $400 a month with her car.

Since she has the weekends off, Laura was looking for to make even more money in her spare time. She wanted a gig that was flexible, something she could do whenever she had a few minutes of extra time. Laura did some research and decided to start driving for Uber. Whenever she has some extra time, Laura simply turns on the app and connects with people in the area who need a ride. She can work when she wants, uses her own car, and makes over $400 a month in just a few hours a week. Learn more about driving for Uber today!

#2) She makes extra money from her couch.

Laura works during the day, but she wanted an easy way to make extra money at night. Instead of a part-time job, Laura found that she could make money while she relaxed. She started participating in several survey companies that pay real money for giving her opinions. Some of them even pay her just for surfing the internet! Now, she’s making an extra $100 a month from her couch. Here are a few companies she uses:

Survey Junkie – Survey Junkie is one of the most popular sites for making money from home. Take surveys for cash and get paid quickly through PayPal.

Swagbucks – This site doesn’t just pay you for taking surveys. You can also earn points by surfing the internet, watching videos, and shopping online. Then, redeem your points for gift cards or cash. Get a $5 bonus when sign up through our link!

Panda Research – Make up to $50 per survey and earn a $3 signup bonus just for getting started. That’s free money right off the bat! How can you beat that?

#3) She put her credit card debt on a balance transfer card.

Like most of us, Laura racked up some credit card debt. The $328 monthly payments were killing her ability to budget and save. Laura learned she could use a balance transfer card with a 0% APR to lower her monthly payments and save on interest. Now, she’s paying just $150 a month. She can use the extra $178 to pay off her cards quicker or pocket the difference. Find a list of the best balance transfer cards here.

#4) She saved $50 a month by refinancing her student loans.

Laura was ecstatic to graduate college, but she wasn’t thrilled with having to pay back her student loans. After doing some research, Laura realized she could save thousands over the life of her loan by refinancing to a lower rate. Since Laura wanted to make sure she was getting the best rate, she decided to use LendEDU’s free comparison tool which compares up to 5 lenders at once. Within 90 seconds, she was pre-qualified and saving a ton of cash. She even lowered her monthly payment by $50 a month. Compare up to 5 lenders with LendEDU’s free comparison tool here.

Meet Laura. She's an average 28 year old who is tired of struggling. Read more to learn how she went from broke to an extra $853 a month.

#5) She improved her credit score.

When researching ways she could save money, Laura realized that her credit score needed some work. Because her car insurance rates are tied to her credit score, she also realized she’d save $75 a month by improving it. Laura decided to get a free credit score from Credit Sesame. The site provides a free monthly credit score, plus it helps monitor her credit for signs of identity theft.

#6) She uses shopping portals to save and earn cash back.

These days, Laura does most of her shopping online. After doing some research, Laura learned that she could use shopping portals to get discounts AND earn cash back. Instead of surfing directly to a store’s website, Laura started checking for discounts at Ebates. She simply clicks on the link and a discount is applied at her favorite stores – like, Macy’s, and hundreds more. Better yet, for almost every purchase, Laura earns cash back at Ebates. Not only is she saving money while she shops, she’s also earning about $50 a month in cash back. You can do it too. Use this link and receive a $10 cash back bonus for getting started!

Wrapping Up

While Laura once struggled to make ends meet, she now has hundreds of extra dollars to spend or save each month. You can do it, too. Use the tips above to get started today!

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